Kings Return


kings return

Saturday, Feb. 8, 7:30 p.m.
Weis Center Concert Hall

Dynamic and soothing four-piece vocal group Kings Return takes pride in crafting a diverse yet supremely cohesive a cappella sound. The blend of their unique vocal timbres is so rich and smooth that, at times, it sounds more like a full choir than four men. Discovered after posting a series of bare-bones stairwell performances that went viral, their music is a balm to the soul, laced with expansive harmonies that flex the agility and effortless range of their vocal talent.

Drawn to the flexibility of a cappella music, they take full advantage of the genre-mixing aspects of the tradition. Their brand of rhythm and blues is entwined with free moments of jazz, soulful bursts of gospel and bright touches of pop — all built on a solid, classical foundation. Theirs is the kind of talent that makes virtuosic performance look (and sound) like sublime, effortless playtime, defying the constraints of any single genre to explore a myriad of sonic shades and textures.

The group’s name perfectly embodies their intentions as artists. “Kings” because they possess a charismatic power, moving forward with confidence to conquer whatever challenges arise. The “Return” signifies another important part of their mission: to give back to the communities that have supported them along the way.

Ticket Information

Adults: $25
Seniors 62+ and subscribers: $20
Youth 18 and under: $15
Bucknell employees and retirees (limit two tickets): $15
Bucknell students (limit one ticket, ID required): Free
Non-Bucknell students: $15

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