GET is a web and mobile app where students, faculty and staff can manage their BUID Card accounts, make contactless purchases at campus dining venues, place mobile orders at the Commons Café or the 7th Street Café and instantly add funds to their Dining Dollars accounts.

GET does not replace your BUID, it enhances it.

What Can You Do With GET?

Web AppMobile App
View Account BalancesXX
View TransactionsXX
Add FundsXX
Mobile Device ManagementX
Print TransactionsX
Scan BUID CardX
Change PINX
Edit Contact InformationXX
Mobile Ordering at the Commons Café & 7th Street CaféXX

How to Set Up GET

GET can be accessed two ways: online and through the GET mobile app.

Accessing the Web App

  1. Go to
    Screenshot of the GET web app launch screen
  2. Click on the "click here to login" link. You will be prompted for your Bucknell username and password, just like logging into MyBucknell.
    Screenshot of the myBucknell login screen
  3. After logging in, you will see a listing of your accounts (Dining Dollars, Campus Dollars, Meal Plan) and the current balances for those accounts. Below your accounts, there is a listing of recent transactions.
    Screenshot of the GET web app interface

Installing the Mobile App

  1. To download the app, open the Bucknell Mobile App, go to the Dining section and click the GET icon.
  2. After installing, open the GET app.
  3. You will be asked to create a PIN and whether you would like to use fingerprint scanning to login to the app (if available on your phone).

    How to Add Dining Dollars to Your Account

    Screenshot of the add funds section of the GET mobile app

    Follow the instructions below to instantly add funds to your Dining Dollars account in either the web-based or mobile GET app. Once added, the funds are immediately available for you to spend in any campus dining venue. Charges for funds added will appear in your B-Bill account within a few days.

    • Click "Add Funds"
    • There are three prompts in adding funds:
      • Payment Type: The only option is "Bill Me." Funds added will be billed to your B-Bill account.
      • Deposit Amount: You may add Dining Dollars in denominations of $10, $25, $50 or $100.
      • Select an Account: The only Option is "Dining Dollars 3."
    • Once you have answered all three prompts, select "Add Funds" or "Deposit."
    • The funds you deposit will be immediately available for you to spend in any campus dining venue. Charges for funds added will appear in your B-Bill account within a few days.

    How to Make Purchases with the GET Mobile App

    Screenshot of BUID Card section of the GET mobile app

    The GET mobile app can be used to make purchases at any campus dining venue by following the steps below:

    • Open the GET app on your phone.
    • Select "Scan Card."
    • A Barcode will display that may be scanned at campus dining venues just like your BUID card.

    Guest Pass and Dining Dollar Donations

    Beginning at the end of the spring 2023 semester, all unused guest passes and Dining Dollars that would otherwise expire at the end of the semester or academic year will automatically be transferred to the B-Swipes program to support students in need of food assistance. There is no longer a need to donate guest passes through the GET App.

    How to Pre-order Food From the Commons Café and 7th Street Café

    The GET App can be used for mobile ordering at the Commons Café and 7th Street Café.

    1. Open the GET App on your phone
    2. Select "order" from the bottom menu
    3. Browse through menu offerings
    4. Select "order now" to get your food a.s.a.p. or choose a time to pick up later
    5. Customize your meal by adding sides or drinks
    6. Place your order and pay using Dining Dollars, Campus Dollars, PLUS Dollars or Credit Card
    7. You will receive a confirmation email at your Bucknell address

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