Meal Plans & Dining Options

University dining options ensure every Bucknell student has access to quality, nutritious food. Every student living on campus must purchase a meal plan each semester. Students who do not make a dining option selection will be automatically assigned a default option based on their class year. Plans range from Anytime Access plans to prepaid accounts that work like debit cards. 

How to Select Your Dining Option

All students except first-year students should sign up for a University dining option in myHOME. Those who do not select a dining option will be assigned Option 5 (Dining Dollars only). 

Sophomores, juniors and seniors can make changes in myHOME until midnight on Thursday, Jan. 28. Please allow up to two days for changes to be processed.

Key Dates

Meal plan/dining option sign up opens in MyHome: Dec. 8

Last day to request changes via myBucknell: Midnight, Jan. 28 (no changes permitted after this date)

Meal plans begins at dinner: Jan. 31

Select your meal plan in myHOME

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    Meal Plan & Dining Options

    Please note: Meal plans can only be used by the individual student who purchased the plan.

    Option 1: Anytime Access

    • Anytime access to all-you-care-to-eat in Bostwick Marketplace
    • $200 in Dining Dollars 
    • Two guest passes per semester

    Cost: $2,750 per semester

    Required for all first-year students, available to all other students

    Option 2 

    • Access to 12 meals per week* for all-you-care-to-eat dining in Bostwick Marketplace
    • $200 in Dining Dollars 

    Cost: $1,950 per semester 

    *12 meal swipes are added each Monday morning and unused meals roll over to the next week

    Option 3

    • 7 meals per week* for all-you-care-to-eat dining in Bostwick Marketplace
    • $200 in Dining Dollars 

    Cost: $1,400 per semester

    *7 meal swipes are added each Monday morning and unused meals roll over to the next week

    Option 4: Dining Dollars and Plus Dollars Only

    • $700 Dining Dollars
    • $300 Plus Dollars*
    • Cost: $1,000 

    *Plus Dollars can be used at on-campus dining locations and select off-campus locations. Any remaining Plus Dollars will expire the last day of finals and will not carry over to future semesters. See where Plus Dollars can be used.

    Option 5: Dining Dollars Only

    • $700 Dining Dollars*
    • Cost: $700 

    *Dining Dollars can be used at any on-campus dining location

    Purchasing Additional Dining Dollars & Campus Dollars

    Additional Dining Dollars and Campus Dollars can be purchased anytime online.

    Purchase Dining Dollars

    Purchase Campus Dollars

    B-Swipes Donation Program

    B-Swipes is a pilot program that allows students in need of food assistance to request additional meal swipes for entry to Bostwick Marketplace. Beginning in the Spring 2021 semester, students will be able to donate unused meal swipes to the program through the GET App

    Learn more and request swipes (login required)


    • Every student living on campus is required to purchase a meal plan or University dining option each semester. Students living off campus may select any option but are not required to purchase one. 
    • First-year students are automatically registered for and required to purchase Option 1 (Anytime Access).
      Sophomores, juniors and seniors will be automatically registered for Option 5 ($700 Dining Dollars) but can switch to a different option. Campus Dollars do not fulfill the meal plan requirement.
    • Each week, meals are reset on Monday morning before breakfast for the 7 meals per week and the 12 meals per week meal plans. Unused meals will "roll over" to the next week, but swipes will expire at the end of the semester if unused (Dining and Campus Dollars will carry over). Students who run out of meal swipes can purchase meals using Dining Dollars, Campus Dollars, or debit or credit cards at the door rate of $10 for breakfast and $13 for lunch or dinner. For health and safety reasons, non-cash payment methods are strongly preferred.
    • Dining Dollars carry over from semester to semester and year to year, but they become invalid upon graduation or separation from the University. Dining Dollars are not refundable or transferable.
    • Plus Dollars can be used at on-campus Dining venues and off-campus merchants who participate in the Campus Dollars program. Plus Dollars will expire at the end of the semester if unused.
    • Campus Dollars can also be used in any dining venue on campus.
    • Campus Dollars carry over between semesters and years. They are not transferable but are refunded upon graduation or if a student separates from the University.

    Dining Services


    Elaine Langone Center, 1st floor