Health & Dietary Accommodations

Before you depart for your Buckwild adventure, you will receive forms that require a medical history and dietary restrictions so our program leaders can provide the best practices for your health and safety. Your medical disclosure information is confidential and only shared with the Director and your specific trip leaders.

At a minimum, our student leaders are trained in Wilderness Advanced First Aid. Many have their Wilderness First Responder certification. They are trained to manage many health-related issues in the backcountry.

Dietary Accommodations

Our online waiver and health screening process will contain questions about your food restrictions. All food is provided starting the afternoon of the first day of the experience. That day we will provide snacks and dinner. The remaining days we will provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. On the final day before new student orientation begins, we will be providing breakfast. The first university meal is lunch on the first day of New Student Orientation.

Food Allergies

If you have allergies, it is important that you indicate them during our online health screening process. This will help us accommodate your needs while preparing food for the entire trip group. If you failed to indicate this information or if something changes before BuckWild begins, please email to help us make the necessary arrangements.

Medical Accommodations

If you have a health-related concern that requires placement on a specific trip or if you need special accommodations, please indicate this during our online health screening process. You can also share this information by sending an email to A member of our administrative team will connect with you to discuss best next steps.

Communication During the Experience

It is the participant's responsibility to let family and friends know that they will be out of communication during the experience. If there are family emergencies, your family member(s) must call the Campus Switchboard at 570-577-2000. The Campus Switchboard will then notify the Director of Outdoor Education & Leadership who can contact each team in the field. Each situation will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Transportation During the Experience

Participants are not allowed to drive themselves to and from the trailhead. Vehicles are provided by the University throughout this experience. If you have further questions about your trip, please send an email to

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