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The Bucknell community is showing its strength, finding ways to connect, and looking toward a time when we can all be back on campus — together.

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Virtual Events

  • Don Keene

    Bucknell Community Art Wall

    In times of crisis, people may turn to art for reflection, distraction, or pleasure. We asked our community to share what we are making while we are distanced by circumstance at home and across the globe. Below are images of drawings, needlework, and bird houses. These are images of family activity and of individual projects. They are images of our times and our common spirit.

  • Faculty and Staff from the instagram video series

    Community-building Video Series

    Faculty and staff are sharing personal and heartfelt video messages to students studying remotely. Submit your own video in four easy steps:

    1. Read the instructions.
    2. Create your video.
    3. Complete the submission form.
    4. Upload your video to the Google Drive folder.
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  • Students sitting in Adirondack chairs on Malesardi Quad

    The Scattered Herd

    The Scattered Herd is a place where we can all come together to access resources; engage in sharing about our remote work life through interactive questions and pictures; take part in fun activities, and more.

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