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The Counseling & Student Development Center (CSDC) is committed to creating an environment that allows our diverse student body to access brief, solution-focused and urgent care services. Approximately 20% of the student body uses the CSDC's clinical services each year. All services are free and strictly confidential.

Students can schedule appointments online. An overview of available services can be found below.

Emergency Services

Counseling & Student Development Center services are available year-round in the case of a mental health emergency.

  • During regular office hours: 570-577-1604
  • After-hours urgent phone support: 570-577-1604. Choose Option 2 to connect to the on-call counselor.

Therapy Services

Students may choose to use same-day phone appointments to address one-time specific concerns; in-person, short-term counseling on campus; or the same services via Uwill telehealth.

Students seeking in-person services on campus can typically be seen every few weeks and average about five to seven counseling appointments per academic year. Uwill telehealth offers up to eight counseling appointments per calendar year.

Long-term Therapy Off Campus

If you believe your student may benefit from therapy services that exceed the average five to seven counseling appointments per academic year, we recommend they consider services off campus. WellTrack Connect is a good place to start. Students can create an account using their Bucknell email and search for providers both local and across the country.


Only students who are engaged in ongoing CSDC counseling services are eligible to make appointments with a psychiatric provider. Due to the limited nature of psychiatric services, students who already have an established relationship with a prescribing off-campus professional are encouraged to continue working with that professional. Upon termination of counseling at the CSDC, students will be required to identify a psychiatrist in the community with whom they will continue care.

To find psychiatrists off campus use WellTrack Connect. Students can create an account using their Bucknell email and search for providers both local and across the country.

Confidentiality and Parents

While we can receive information from parents, we cannot share confidential information unless the student has signed appropriate releases due to ethical guidelines and state law. If you believe that it is important to talk with your student's counselor, please ask your student if they would be willing to sign a release permitting the counselor to consult with you and ask them to contact the CSDC.

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