Group Counseling

Group counseling gathers approximately five to 10 students to meet weekly in sessions led by Counseling & Student Development Center staff.

This form of counseling can offer unique opportunities to learn about yourself. Groups provide a place to share your concerns, try out new behaviors and learn more about how you interact with others.

Group participants are encouraged to share their reactions to other group members, the leaders and the material discussed in the group meeting. The group leaders help to create a safe environment and to encourage group member interaction. Creating this safe atmosphere includes protecting members' privacy and facilitating open, honest and respectful discussions.

For more information

Throughout the academic year, the Counseling & Student Development Center hosts groups to meet a variety of student needs. Please call us to learn more about these opportunities.

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Counseling & Student Development Center


Graham Building, 7th Street Entrance


8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.