Safe Escort Service

Bucknell Public Safety operates a safe escort service for any member of the University community who requires an escort to, from or around campus from dusk until dawn, seven days a week. During busy periods, a caller may experience a delay in the arrival of the escort.

Safe Escort hours: Daily, from dusk until dawn
Request a safe escort: 570-577-3333

Safe Escort Details & Limitations

Only on-campus escorts and escorts to and from campus will be provided. Escorts will not be given from one off-campus location to another off-campus location.

The program is designed for the members of the campus community who do not feel comfortable walking alone at night. It is not a taxi service.

Public Safety reserves the right to refuse an escort due to disorderly behavior, visible intoxication, or to anyone who does not meet the requirements for requesting an escort.

Public Safety


580 Snake Road (between Trax Hall and River Road)