How to Apply

All undergraduate students are required to live on campus or in a University-owned or controlled facility unless they apply for and receive final written approval from Housing Services. To apply to live off campus, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Fill Out the Online Application

Fill out a brief application, complete a short quiz and sign an information waiver in myHOME. 

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Rising seniors may begin this process in late September. All submissions will be entered into a pool of applicants. If the number of application requests exceeds the quota to reside off-campus, a lottery will be used to fill the available slots. Remaining students will be kept in the pool for future consideration in random order if additional slots become available.

There are no guarantees that complete applications will receive final approval from Housing Services. Do not sign a lease before receiving final approval in writing from Housing Services.

Step 2: The University Reviews Your Standing

Housing Services reviews the conduct record of each applicant as well as their Greek-letter affiliation. All allotted spaces for Greek organization house and suite spaces must be filled to capacity before any members of these organizations are able to live off campus. Final permission for Greek-affiliated students does not typically occur until early March.

Step 3: You Are Notified When the Application Is Complete

Once Housing Services has finished its review, your application will be considered complete. You will be notified with an email containing detailed information about the next steps in the process. Completion of your application does not mean your application has been approved. Do not sign a lease before receiving final approval in writing from Housing Services. 

Step 4: You Receive Permission and Begin Your Roommate Search

If you are granted permission to live off-campus, you will receive one of two emails. Each successful applicant will receive a lottery number. The lowest set of numbers (closest to 1) will be controlling numbers, who are able to pull in other applicants to live with them off-campus.

  1. Controlling Number email. This email will contain your lottery number and indicate you are a controlling number. As a controlling number, you are able to sign a lease and pull in other successful applicants to live with you in an approved house off-campus.
  2. Non-controlling number email. Within this email, you will receive your lottery number and instructions on what the next steps are for you. You are only able to sign a lease with an individual who has a controlling number.

Members of Greek-letter Organizations should communicate with their chapter leadership as there may be a need to live within the chapter's on-campus housing. Living within an organization's on-campus housing takes priority over living off-campus.

Step 5: Sign Your Lease and Send Us a Copy

Once everyone in your group has been granted full approval, you may sign a lease. Begin looking for viable rental units identified on our off-campus map. Please provide a hard copy of your lease by no later than Feb. 1. Completed copies of your lease can be dropped off at the Housing Services office.

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If a member of a group approved to live off-campus withdraws from the University, remaining members of the group will retain their approval and will have the opportunity to bring in a substitute from a list of eligible applicants.

Contact Details

Housing Services


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8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday