Bucknell Faculty Honored at 2015 Commencement

May 18, 2015

Faculty awards were conferred during the 165th Commencement ceremonies on Sunday, May 17.

Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching
Chris Boyatzis, professor of psychology, received the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. Boyatzis was recognized as "a passionate teacher who stimulates deep and critical thinking throughout students' academic careers ... who is easily available outside of class for discussion and consultation." He developed the Bucknell in Denmark summer study abroad program and was instrumental in developing the child studies minor.

Class of 1956 Lectureship Award
Erin Jablonski, associate professor of chemical engineering, received the Class of 1956 Lectureship for Inspirational Teaching. Jablonski, whose work was cited as "a model for teaching engineering in a liberal arts context, uses problem-based learning to help students develop knowledge and skills in their field." She developed a summer engineering camp to engage K-12 students in engineering. Jablonski will give a talk during the next academic year as part of the award.

Two Presidential Awards for Teaching Excellence
Philippe Dubois, associate professor of French, received one of two Presidential Awards for Teaching Excellence. Students describe Dubois as "a warm, compassionate and challenging teacher and his colleagues look to him for guidance on their own teaching methods." He has made extensive contributions to the Bucknell en France program as well as to interdisciplinary programs across the University.

Molly McGuire, associate professor of chemistry, received one of two Presidential Awards for Teaching Excellence. Described as "a rigorous and demanding teacher who inspires her students to achieve new levels of excellence, McGuire guides students to not only meet, but also exceed the goals she sets for them." McGuire, who teaches a range of chemistry courses, served as director of the Environmental Studies program from 2010–14.

Boger Award
Sally Koutsoliotas, associate professor of physics, received the William P. Boger Jr. M.D. Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Natural Sciences. Students from across the disciplines nominated her for her impact within and beyond physics, as a teacher and mentor of first-year students in Foundation Seminars and the Residential Colleges program. She also directs the Presidential Fellows Scholarship Program.

Writing Across the Curriculum Award
Michael Malusis '93, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, received the Bucknell University Writing Across the Curriculum Award of Excellence.

As the most recent director of the University Writing Program, Malusis has helped to establish new learning outcomes and has developed and implemented a process for assessing those outcomes. He has taught a number of writing-intensive courses for his department, teaching students to communicate effectively both within and beyond their discipline and to understand how writing can be a tool for learning.

Burma-Bucknell Bowl
In addition to the teaching awards presented during Commencement, the two recipients of the Burma-Bucknell Bowl were recognized. This annual award recognizes University community members who have made outstanding contributions to intercultural and international understanding.

Jeffrey Evans, professor of civil and environmental engineering, created an engineering exchange program with the University of Nottingham, now a university-wide exchange program; and co-founded Engineering 290, a summer study abroad course for engineers that has taken students to Argentina, Norway and Sweden.

Bucknell senior Quinn Blanco served as a diversity intern in Admissions, an International Orientation leader, a Civil Rights Alternative Spring Break trip coordinator, an executive with Students for Asian Awareness, co-organizer for an on-campus benefit for his home country of the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan, a Bucknell Brigade participant and a United World College Scholar.

In addition, two members of the Bucknell community were honored this spring.

Lynn Breyfogle, associate dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and professor of mathematics, was honored with the Leadership Mentor Award, given to a member of the faculty, administrative or support staff who has consistently helped identify, encourage and support students in their leadership development.

Rabbi Serena Fujita, Jewish Chaplain at Bucknell, was recognized with the Forrest D. Brown Award, given annually to a member of the faculty, administrative or support staff who has repeatedly demonstrated a commitment to the community and its needs and who has also affected the lives of Bucknell students by impressing upon them the values of community service. Rabbi Fujita, who began her tenure at Bucknell in 2000, retired this spring. She has worked with a student board as well as a faculty/staff advisory committee to provide Jewish religious life, Jewish culture, informal education, community service opportunities and other activities to both the Jewish and non-Jewish populations at Bucknell. She established the Jewish Heritage trips which allow groups of Bucknellians to travel to different parts of the globe to learn about particular Jewish communities.