Class of 2022 officers stand with President Bravman alongside an illustration of their class tribute.

Bucknell's Class of 2022 Honors LGBTQ+ Community With Senior Tribute

May 6, 2022

Representatives of the Class of 2022 and University President John Bravman present the pergola plans with hopes the structure will be completed this summer. Photo by Emily Paine, Communications

As they considered the physical legacy their class would leave on campus, the officers of the Class of 2022 were determined to not only create a beautiful space, but to also inspire a deeper sense of community at Bucknell.

Their gift — a powered pergola space to be erected on the quad between Academic East and Academic West — will be more than an additional outdoor study spot. Intended to be a place for reflection, tranquility and connection, the pergola will feature a plaque reading "In celebration of LGBTQ+ Bucknellians past, present and future" as a mark of solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

"Through our tribute, we want all Bucknell students to always know how valued they are, and that they have a place here on campus," says Class of 2022 President Amelia Schmall.

Maddy Mallory, Class of 2022 vice president added, "We want students to see and know they are celebrated — especially by our class."

Students and President Bravman jump in celebration of the Class of 2022 Senior Tribute.

Representatives from the Class of 2022 and President Bravman show their excitement for the new outdoor space addition. Photo by Emily Paine, Communications

After juggling several ideas that would provide such a visual addition to campus, the class officers recognized the demand for more outdoor spaces. Schmall says that outdoor study and gathering have become very popular, and that existing tables, chairs and patios are often occupied with students making the most of the landmark beauty of Bucknell's campus. The pergola idea emerged, and with it the intention to create a space that will recognize and celebrate an impactful group of Bucknellians. "We wanted something with more substance to it," Schmall says. "We cared about this project and what it stands for."

Their hope is that this space sparks the building of additional, similar structures in the same vicinity. In the master plan, five or six more pergolas can be added by future classes or by the University as it evaluates the need for student spaces.

Senior Class President Amelia Schmall addresses the Class of 2022

Amelia Schmall '22 presents the Class of 2022 tribute to her peers at the Senior Sunset celebration. Photo by Emily Paine, Communications

When the gift was announced to the class, an impassioned Schmall punctuated her remarks with celebration of LGBTQ+ Bucknellians and their impact: "These are valued members of our community who have shaped and will continue to shape not only Bucknell but the rest of the world. We are hopeful that this space will be a reminder for all those who set foot on campus of the values that Bucknell continuously strives to maintain."

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