Class of 2018 Raises a Glass to Bucknell Memories and the Future

May 11, 2018

Watch Bucknell's seniors salute their school days and ring in the future.

They sported sundresses and suits, blazers paired with shorts and even, in one case, a cowboy hat. But all of the eclectically attired Bucknell seniors who gathered on Malesardi Quadrangle joined as one when it was time to raise a glass in honor of their time on campus.

The annual Senior Sunset event — also attended by mascot Bucky and a handful of crowd-friendly canines — was held Monday, April 30, as the semester shifted from lectures and labs to finals.

Beyond those hurdles lie broader horizons, according to President John Bravman, who reminded students that the clock was ticking toward Commencement. Leading with a rollicking musical joke that "school's out forever," courtesy of classic rock 'n roller Alice Cooper, Bravman then grew more serious, telling those in attendance, "You have made us better by being here. You have enriched our lives."

As per tradition, the senior class tribute to the University was also unveiled. This year's gift — renovation of the tunnel that connects the main campus to Bucknell West and the athletic fields — was intended to enhance the University's beauty and improve safety.  

"By renovating a neglected, but often used, area of campus, the Class of 2018 is honoring the tremendous growth that has occured at Bucknell during our four years here," explained international relations major and Senior Class President Gabriella Gomes '18, who noted that changes have included the construction of the South Campus Apartments and major renovations to what is now Hildreth-Mirza Hall. "Our project keeps the spirit of constant renovation and improvement alive for future generations of Bucknellians."

Gomes added, "The class tribute is an essential part of our transition from students to alumni. It shows how much we care about the school. Bucknell has given so much to us and the tribute is each class' way to give back to Bucknell. Our gift is both practical and meaningful, combining necessity, purpose and sentiment."