Creating a Social Space Where Bucknell Students ‘Can Be Themselves’

July 3, 2018


Learn how John Quinn '18 embraced the challenge of building a hot spot for student life on Bucknell's campus.

Posse Scholar. Education major. Residential adviser. And winner of a 2018 student leadership award, which he accepted with an enthusiastic chest bump.

These are just some of the roles held and honors earned by John Quinn '18, who rarely turned down a challenge at Bucknell — until he was approached by Mike Duignan, director of Campus Activities & Programs, about becoming general manager of Uptown, an on-campus venue for events such as trivia nights, poetry slams and pool tournaments.


Setting aside his initial misgivings, Quinn accepted the job, which would become a pivotal, positive experience.

"To be able to say that last semester we had 5,237 people come into that space and have a good time is incredible," said Quinn, whose crusade to boost Uptown's campus presence helped to double the venue's attendance from the previous academic year. "One of the biggest things it taught me is that you really can do anything."