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Minisode: Get To Know Your Hosts

April 11, 2022

We're dropping in mid-week with a special mini-episode to share some recent changes at College Admissions Insider. Bryan Wendell, who cohosted the podcast, is now pursuing new and exciting career opportunities beyond Bucknell — and we wish him the best of luck!

Joining Brooke Thames as the podcast's new cohost is Becca Haupt Aldredge, senior associate director of admissions at Bucknell.

If Becca's name (and voice) sound familiar, that's because she's been a guest on several prior episodes. In fact, she was our first guest ever! You may remember her expert advice on Episode 1: Choosing a College Without Visiting as well as other topics like the role of social media and what to do after you've been admitted.

In this minisode, you'll learn more about Becca, her college experience and her work at Bucknell — plus a couple of fun facts about Brooke.

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