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Portraits of professors DeeAnn Reeder and Ken Field


Bucknell Biology Professors Awarded $2.9 Million Grant to Study African Bats, Viruses

Professors DeeAnn Reeder and Ken Field to study bats in Uganda to understand deadly disease spillovers to humans.

2020 Fulbright Scholars


Bucknell Among Top Producers of Fulbright U.S. Student Awards

Four Bucknell students received Fulbright awards in 2019-20 competition, ranking the University among the top 40 baccalaureate institutions.

Portraits of the University Innovation Fellows


A Culture of Innovation: University Innovation Fellows Create New Experiences and Enhance Old Ones

Refusing to stand on the past, four students seek outside-the-box ways to enhance the Bucknell experience.

Nina Banks

Faculty Story

Nina Banks, Economics

Professor Nina Banks is rebuilding a long-overlooked historical body of work by early women economists.

DeeAnn Reeder

Faculty Story

DeeAnn Reeder, Biology

Bucknell University Professor DeeAnn Reeder, biology, is an authority on infectious disease ecology, including the white-nose disease that has devastated North American bat populations.

Portrait of professor Anna Baker

Faculty Story

Anna Baker, Psychology

As the leader of Bucknell's Pediatric Behavioral Health Lab, psychology professor Anna Baker ensures that undergraduates have a direct hand in research that yields crucial insights on the link between chronic illness and anxiety.

Thomas Cassidy


Bucknell’s Cassidy Confirms Effectiveness of COVID Vaccination Plans in Study

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences study shows vaccinating the oldest population first saves more lives and more potential years of life.

Portrait of Audra Wilson ’94

Alumni Story

Audra Wilson ’94, International Relations and Spanish

Audra Wilson '94, who majored in international relations and Spanish, is president and CEO of the Shriver Center on Poverty Law.

Portrait of Gissell Botero

Alumni Story

Gissell Botero Rodriguez ’19, Neuroscience

With tenacious research skills, natural curiosity and tireless compassion, Gissell Botero Rodriguez '19 helps develop the best treatment plan for cancer patients with the most complicated cases.

Shaunna Barnhart and Maggie Barton '21 stand by solar panels


Curbing Climate Change: Bucknell Student Team Creates Action Plans to Limit Local Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In the ever-evolving fight against global climate change, two passionate students are bringing solutions to neighbors in Bucknell’s backyard.

Artist’s composition of planetary system


Bucknell Astronomers Discover Binary Planetary System

Bucknell’s Katelyn Allers and Blake Pantoja joined an international team that used NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to discover planetary companions 450 million light-years from Earth.

Casey Barber poses before a field of trees and fallen leaves.

Alumni Story

Casey Barber ’00, Art History and English

Writer and illustrator Casey Barber ’00 turned her passion for flavor into a career as a food writer, illustrator and photographer.

Photo of Brianna Clarke-Schwelm

Alumni Story

Brianna Clarke-Schwelm ’11, Religious Studies

A study abroad experience during her junior year inspired Brianna Clarke-Schwelm's work to advance public health, global development and women's empowerment.

Portrait of Sarah Lower

Faculty Story

Sarah Lower, Biology

Professor Sarah Lower, biology, studies the connections between the genetics of fireflies and the history of their evolution in different environments.

Portrait of Brian Stolarz '95

Alumni Story

Brian Stolarz ’95, Political Science and English

Brian Stolarz '95's decade-long journey to exonerate a death-row inmate is one of the remarkable true stories featured in a Netflix docuseries on criminal justice.

Professor Emily Martin, music


Professor Emily Martin Sings on One of Year’s Best Classical Recordings

Recorded at Bucknell’s Rooke Recital Hall, the album Let Evening Come: American Songs Old & New (Albany Records) featuring lyric soprano and Professor Emily Martin makes The Chicago Tribune’s ‘"Best Classical Recordings" list.

Bethany Fitch '23

Student Story

Bethany Fitch ’23, Theatre and Environmental Studies

Entwining her passions for environmental studies and theatre, Bethany Fitch '23 is sparking community conversations about climate change through a storytelling project on the ferocity of floods.

Rebecca Kelly '21 carries leaf packs into stream


Bringing Life Back: Bucknell Researchers Work to Cure Impaired Pennsylvania Waterways

By revitalizing deforested agricultural streams in Bucknell’s backyard, biology students hope to improve water health in the Susquehanna River Valley and beyond.

Cara O'Neill points to a flashcard while tutoring elementary school students online


Beyond Mentorship: Bucknell Tutors Offer K–12 Students a Lifeline in a Chaotic Time

United We Learn, a new student-driven online tutoring program, helps elementary through high school students set goals and create custom plans to succeed.

Student dancer on the Weis Center Stage


The Show Goes On: Students Share Performance Skills and Passions With the World in Weis Center Sessions

Video series gives students a unique outlet to showcase their creativity while advancing the center's mission of bringing arts and culture to the Bucknell community and beyond.