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Philip Onffroy stands outside the entrance to Dana Engineering Building


Bucknellians Awarded Record Seven NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Grants

The five-year fellowship includes three years of financial support including an annual stipend of $34,000 and a cost of education allowance of $12,000 to the institution.

Portraits of Professors Nathan Ryan, Darakhshan Mir and Vanessa Massaro


Google Award Fuels Bucknell Study on Prison Decision-making

Bucknell researchers will use the $60,000 award to compare data about 280,000 individuals incarcerated in Pennsylvania over the last 30 years with the realities the imprisoned describe.

Student working in a science lab


Three Bucknell Juniors Named Goldwater Scholars

The number of students receiving prestigious math and science scholarships matches or beats some of the nation's top research institutions.

Bee brain research


Bee Brain Research Detects Metabolic Stressors in Pollinators

The team's ongoing research can help unravel the complex factors impacting the health and behavior of honeybees and North American native pollinators.

Kendy Alvarez '06 poses outdoors

Alumni Story

Kendy Alvarez ’06, English

Following years of community engagement and leadership, Kendy Alvarez '06 became mayor of Lewisburg, Pa., in 2021.

Professor John Penniman religious studies class


More Than Medicine: Humanities Grant Funds New Health Minor With a Liberal-arts Focus

Funded by nearly $150,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities, a team of 14 Bucknell faculty will develop a new health humanities minor within the College of Arts & Sciences.

Exterior of Holmes Hall


Holmes Hall Earns LEED Gold Certification for Its Planet-friendly Features

Bucknell University's new home for the Freeman College of Management and Department of Art & Art History earned recognition for its sustainable design and features.

Portraits of faculty Nathan Ryan, Lara Dick, and Zhiqun Zhu


Bucknell University Named Top Producer of Fulbright U.S. Scholars

Bucknell is one of only four baccalaureate institutions to receive three prestigious ‘scholar’ awards. Bucknell’s scholars are currently pursuing their research in alignment with the Fulbright mission of enhancing mutual understanding in Cyprus, Costa Rica, and Australia.

A student stands outside a building on Bucknell's campus

Student Story

Flora Beleznay ’25, Biophysics

For as long as she can remember, Flora Beleznay '25 has been fascinated by biophysics, which at its heart is a study of the universe.

Portrait of Margaret Graham '09

Alumni Story

Margaret Graham ’09, Art History and Creative Writing

A series of art courses at Bucknell opened up a whole new world for Margaret Graham ’09. Now, the creative writing and art history double-major organizes artist interview workshops, public talks, educational programming and more — all to foster critical discussions in modern art conservation.

Two students sit and look at maps on their computer


With GIS, Bucknell Geography Students Learn to Convey Complex Stories Through Visually Rich Maps

At Bucknell, geography students learn GIS skills as undergrads, using real-world data to create maps that convey information in a new way and uncover storylines others might have missed.

Student holds North American big brown bat


Taking Flight: Bat Virus Research Leads Bucknell Researchers to Uganda This Spring

Following a successful pilot study at Bucknell, biology professors DeeAnn Reeder and Ken Field plan to travel with students to study African bats' immune responses to the Ebola virus.

Marion Duval '25 runs tests in the lab

Student Story

Marion Duval ’25, Cell Biology/Biochemistry

At Bucknell, Marion Duval '25 is taking on one of the world's most threatening biological challenges, antibiotic resistance, through her lab research.



Bucknell Study: Bush Tomato Fools Bees With ‘Fake’ Female Pollen

The Australian plant is able to attract bees for necessary pollination to female flowers despite offering less-nutritious pollen than its male counterparts.

A student stands outside in the fall on Bucknell's campus

Student Story

Riley DeBaecke ’23, Managing for Sustainability and Literary Studies

Riley DeBaecke '23 selected the managing for sustainability major because she knows that businesses have the power — and the responsibility — to do better for the planet and all its living things.

Georgia Corbett '24 dances with Bucknell Dance Company

Student Story

Georgia Corbett ’24, Mathematics

Bucknell's flexible liberal arts approach has given Georgia Corbett '24 the chance to nurture her lifelong passion for dance while pursuing hands-on mathematics research.

Jasmine Mena


Bucknell Study: College Counseling Website LGBTQ+ ‘Friendliness’ Relates to State’s Hate Crime, Nondiscrimination Protections

The study analyzing more than 212 college counseling center websites was published in the Journal of College Counseling.

Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular


Bucknell Student Vocal Group Beyond Unison Opens Rockettes’ Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular

A cappella student group opened the Saturday, Nov. 20, 5 p.m. show.

Sarah Haber stands outside on Bucknell's campus

Student Story

Sarah Haber ’22, French and Comparative & Digital Humanities

For Sarah Haber '22, the comparative & digital humanities major has given her unrivaled access to professors, immersive interactive experiences and a marketable set of skills that will impress future employers.

Ibrahim Sulai


Bucknell Professor, Students Part of NSF Award to Search for Dark Matter

$245,750 award empowers Bucknell and two other undergraduate institutions to search for dark matter through atomic magnetometer networks.