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Four people dressed as salesmen cross an intersection in front of a trainstation.


Bucknell Students Take a Crack at Infamous Math Problem

An NSF grant opened the door for computational exploration and a big discovery.



The Nemesis Machine: Utopia, Dystopia or Both?

The Samek Art Museum hosts the U.S. debut of the big data miniature mechanical city exhibit by British artist Stanza.

Henry Martin '25 analyzes data on a computer in the lab

Student Story

Henry Martin '25, Psychology & Spanish

Building upon his yearslong interest in psychology, Henry Martin '25 is seeking to unlock insights into human behavior by studying the mammals that most closely resemble us.



Bucknell Researchers 'Step Up' to Find New Plant Species

The botanists publish a new species description, naming the Australian bush tomato plant Solanum scalarium.

Oompa Williams '14 leans on the hood of a yellow mustang showing a peace sign.

Alumni Story

Oompa Williams '14, English and education

With a thriving presence in the Boston music scene, Oompa Williams '14 has used her art to become unbothered.



Bucknell Professors Study the Impact of Pathogens, Environment on Fireflies

The Bucknell study is the first to examine the effect of bacterial pathogens on fireflies and may help address their declining population trend.

Faculty Story

Matías Vernengo, Economics

Professor Matías Vernengo helps students understand modern-day global challenges through the lens of economics.

Alumni Brian Pei at his office sitting next to co-workers.

Alumni Story

Brian Pei ’13, Math and Economics

At Spotify, Brian Pei ’13 melds his affinity for data with his love of music.

Nina Banks

Faculty Story

Nina Banks, Economics

Professor Nina Banks is rebuilding a long-overlooked historical body of work by early women economists.

Douglas Collins

Faculty Story

Douglas Collins, Chemistry

Professor Douglas Collins' vast indoor air chemistry research seeks to isolate and analyze the abundant reactions between common household chemicals and home surfaces.

Bucknell News


Bucknell Faculty Honored with Teaching Awards

The seven award recipients come from across Bucknell’s three colleges and share a common commitment to student success.

Jordan Isaacs '23 uses ground-penetrating radar machine

Student Story

Jordan Isaacs '23, Geology and Biology

Geology and biology double-major Jordan Isaacs '23 is using advanced techniques and technology to see what lies beneath the earth's surface — without digging up any dirt.

Portrait of Grace Hauer '24

Student Story

Grace Hauer '24, Biology

At Bucknell, self-proclaimed "people person" Grace Hauer '24 is furthering her ambition of becoming a doctor while helping other female students prepare for their careers.


Bucknell Poll: Most Americans Believe Economy to Be Worse Than Reports Indicate

The national survey found more than half of respondents believed official statistics underestimated inflation and unemployment rates.



Bucknell's Machado Sáez Awarded National Humanities Center Fellowship

The professor of English will expand her study of U.S. Latinx Theatre during an intensive year at National Humanities Center in North Carolina.

Gabby Diaz' dances folklorico among blossoming cherry trees

Student Story

Gabby Diaz '25, Education and Political Science

It didn't take Gabby Diaz '25 long to find belonging at Bucknell. She started making connections right away through the Latine Alliance for Community and Opportunity for Students, one of Bucknell's 200 student clubs.

Philip Onffroy stands outside the entrance to Dana Engineering Building


Bucknellians Awarded Record Seven NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Grants

The five-year fellowship includes three years of financial support including an annual stipend of $34,000 and a cost of education allowance of $12,000 to the institution.

Portraits of Professors Nathan Ryan, Darakhshan Mir and Vanessa Massaro


Google Award Fuels Bucknell Study on Prison Decision-making

Bucknell researchers will use the $60,000 award to compare data about 280,000 individuals incarcerated in Pennsylvania over the last 30 years with the realities the imprisoned describe.

Student working in a science lab


Three Bucknell Juniors Named Goldwater Scholars

The number of students receiving prestigious math and science scholarships matches or beats some of the nation's top research institutions.

Bee brain research


Bee Brain Research Detects Metabolic Stressors in Pollinators

The team's ongoing research can help unravel the complex factors impacting the health and behavior of honeybees and North American native pollinators.