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Student Cheyanne Stunger portrait

Student Story

Cheyanne Stunger ’22, Art & Art History and Political Science

Cheyanne Stunger '22 wasn't sure where an education in art would lead until she came to Bucknell, where she's pursuing her passion for the arts and forging her own path to success.

Portrait of Allure Cooper '23 leaning on wall

Student Story

Allure Cooper ’23, Arabic & Arab World Studies

From working in Bucknell's innovative labs to advancing humanities-focused projects, Allure Cooper '23 is taking every chance to make the most of her college experience.

Jasmine Minhas '22 smiles for the camera

Student Story

Jasmine Minhas ’22, French, Political Science and History

Jasmine Minhas '22 chose Bucknell because she wanted to continue her brand of activism in college, one summarized by her personal motto: "less talk and more action."

Portrait of Ryan Bremer '22 on Bucknell's campus

Student Story

Ryan Bremer ’22, Film/Media Studies and History

With a penchant for visual analysis, Ryan Bremer '22 is applying the skills he's honed in film and history courses to a hands-on historical maps project.

Portrait of student Nicole Reddig

Student Story

Nicole Reddig ’22, Education and Political Science

Nicole Reddig '22's curiosity led her to Bucknell, where the education and political science double-major is researching ways to improve teacher retention.

Portrait of student Jon Hayes in Herbarium

Student Story

Jonathan Hayes ’21, Biology

Pennsylvania native and lifetime outdoorsman Jonathan Hayes '21 is pouring his passion for wildlife into a plant genetics project with real-world impact.

Alana Fisher ’24 poses for the camera

Student Story

Alana Fisher ’24, Sociology

Alana Fisher '24 chose Bucknell because she wants to go beyond just studying racism, police brutality and anti-Semitism. She wants to do something about those pernicious problems.

Two construction workers guide a beam into place on top of the building. American and Bucknell University flags hang from the beam.


Management and Art & Art History Building Passes Significant Milestone

With the completion of the building's framework, the future of management and liberal arts education comes one step closer at Bucknell. 

Faculty Story

Nina Banks, Economics

Professor Nina Banks is rebuilding a long-overlooked historical body of work by early women economists.

Portrait of Sarah Lower

Faculty Story

Sarah Lower, Biology

Professor Sarah Lower, biology, studies the connections between the genetics of fireflies and the history of their evolution in different environments.

A laptop showing a video call between Missy Gutkowski, director of the Center for Experiential Learning in the Freeman College of Management, and Tara Lahey '22.


On-the-job, Online: Bucknell Helps Students Continue Internships Virtually

When the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted summer plans for students, Bucknell stepped in with innovative internship solutions.

Newspapers and laptop


Cool Classes: Public Writing for Media

In a world that's overrun with information (and misinformation), Bucknell students learn to cut through the noise as they become authors rather than mere spectators.

Bucknell bat biologists and professors Ken Field and DeeAnn Reeder


Bucknell Awarded NSF Grant to Study Bat Tolerance to Coronaviruses

Faculty and students to determine why bats have immune tolerance to coronavirus, research that could contribute to more effective human treatment.

Brantley Gasaway

Faculty Story

Brantley Gasaway, Religious Studies

Professor Brantley Gasaway, religious studies, places empathy and inquiry at the center of his courses on religion and American politics.

DeeAnn Reeder

Faculty Story

DeeAnn Reeder, Biology

Bucknell University Professor DeeAnn Reeder, biology, is an authority on infectious disease ecology, including the white-nose disease that has devastated North American bat populations.

Scott Meinke poses for portrait in front of bookshelf

Faculty Story

Scott Meinke, Political Science

Professor Scott Meinke, political science, studies how systems of American government work and challenges his students to explore how they might be improved.

Hand reaching through hole in wall


Cool Classes: Zombies, From Slavery to Pandemics

Students use 20th-century zombie films as a lens to analyze topics ranging from slavery and colonialism to global pandemics.

Portrait of Robert Stockland


National Science Foundation Grants to Fuel Student-Faculty Exploration

Thanks to grants from the National Science Foundation, Robert Stockland, chemistry, and Kelly Bickel, mathematics, will be working closely with students to navigate uncharted territory in their respective fields.

Emily Turner '22 outdoors

Student Story

Emily Turner ’22, Sociology

Turner is exploring sociology and public policy as a researcher on a collaborative project with Geisinger, a regional health care system in central Pennsylvania.

A photograph of a rat surrounded by corn kernels on the ground


Cool Classes: Animals and Pandemics

Students explore the origins of COVID-19 and other pandemics, and how to prevent the "next big one."