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Student researchers pose at farm


Blueprinting the Manufacturing Boom: Economics Study Draws Pandemic Insights From Rural Pennsylvania

In a year that tested nearly every facet of U.S. infrastructure, Bucknell’s backyard served as a compelling case study for economics research exploring the revitalization of rural America post-pandemic.

Sarah Lower firefly lab


Bucknell’s Lower, Collins Awarded NSF Grant to Study ‘Dark’ Fireflies

The research will focus on chemical signal evolution in fireflies.

Douglas Collins

Faculty Story

Douglas Collins, Chemistry

Professor Douglas Collins' vast indoor air chemistry research seeks to isolate and analyze the abundant reactions between common household chemicals and home surfaces.

mass spectrometer


Bucknell, Susquehanna Earn NSF Award for State-of-the-art Mass Spectrometer

The $391,000 grant purchased equipment that will benefit advanced research at all Susquehanna Valley institutions.

Will Snyder '21 sits at desk with computers displaying brain scans


Advancing Clinical Creativity: Bucknell Neuroscience Major Receives Prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Awarded to only 25 U.S. applicants annually, the scholarship will provide William Snyder '21 full funding to pursue a Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge.

Portraits of professors DeeAnn Reeder and Ken Field


Bucknell Biology Professors Awarded $2.9 Million Grant to Study African Bats, Viruses

Professors DeeAnn Reeder and Ken Field to study bats in Uganda to understand deadly disease spillovers to humans.

DeeAnn Reeder

Faculty Story

DeeAnn Reeder, Biology

Bucknell University Professor DeeAnn Reeder, biology, is an authority on infectious disease ecology, including the white-nose disease that has devastated North American bat populations.

Thomas Cassidy


Bucknell’s Cassidy Confirms Effectiveness of COVID Vaccination Plans in Study

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences study shows vaccinating the oldest population first saves more lives and more potential years of life.

Portrait of Gissell Botero

Alumni Story

Gissell Botero Rodriguez ’19, Neuroscience

With tenacious research skills, natural curiosity and tireless compassion, Gissell Botero Rodriguez '19 helps develop the best treatment plan for cancer patients with the most complicated cases.

Bethany Fitch '23

Student Story

Bethany Fitch ’23, Theatre and Environmental Studies

Entwining her passions for environmental studies and theatre, Bethany Fitch '23 is sparking community conversations about climate change through a storytelling project on the ferocity of floods.

Rebecca Kelly '21 carries leaf packs into stream


Bringing Life Back: Bucknell Researchers Work to Cure Impaired Pennsylvania Waterways

By revitalizing deforested agricultural streams in Bucknell’s backyard, biology students hope to improve water health in the Susquehanna River Valley and beyond.

Mikayla performs an experiment in a lab

Student Story

Mikayla Horvath ’23, Chemistry

Mikayla Horvath '23 chose Bucknell, earned a Presidential Fellowship and began working with Professor Hasan Arslan, chemistry, before she even moved into her first-year residence hall.

Emily Scholfield walks on campus

Student Story

Emily Scholfield ’22, Biology and Philosophy

Presidential Fellow Emily Scholfield '22 is fusing critical thought and science to help others enhance their scientific literacy, at Bucknell and beyond.

Ella sits on a bench on campus

Student Story

Ella Carlander ’22, Physics

Is sand a solid, liquid or gas? It's complicated. Ella Carlander '22, a physics major from Austin, Texas, is part of the team trying to chip away at the mysteries of granular media.

Portrait of student Jon Hayes in Herbarium

Student Story

Jonathan Hayes ’21, Biology

Pennsylvania native and lifetime outdoorsman Jonathan Hayes '21 is pouring his passion for wildlife into a plant genetics project with real-world impact.

A laptop showing a video call between Missy Gutkowski, director of the Center for Experiential Learning in the Freeman College of Management, and Tara Lahey '22.


On-the-job, Online: Bucknell Helps Students Continue Internships Virtually

When the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted summer plans for students, Bucknell stepped in with innovative internship solutions.

Professor Owais Gilani draws on chalkboard


Bucknell Adds Statistics to Mathematics Degree Offerings

The new major, which launches this fall, equips students with the skills they need to break into some of the world's most cutting-edge careers.

Bucknell bat biologists and professors Ken Field and DeeAnn Reeder


Bucknell Awarded NSF Grant to Study Bat Tolerance to Coronaviruses

Faculty and students to determine why bats have immune tolerance to coronavirus, research that could contribute to more effective human treatment.

Portrait of Robert Stockland


National Science Foundation Grants to Fuel Student-Faculty Exploration

Thanks to grants from the National Science Foundation, Robert Stockland, chemistry, and Kelly Bickel, mathematics, will be working closely with students to navigate uncharted territory in their respective fields.

Genomic sequences visualization graph


Cool Classes: The Hidden Secrets of Genomes

Bucknell students take a hands-on approach to learning about genomes, equipping them to think critically about how biology affects every aspect of their lives.