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Kona Glenn is wearing an orange and blue rowing uniform and a pink Bucknell baseball cap as she smiles and carries a boat along a riverbank.

Student Story

Kona Glenn '25, Computer Science & Engineering and Applied Mathematics

Kona Glenn '25 found her perfect fit at Bucknell, where she found a supportive community that encouraged her to pursue both engineering and rowing.

Michael Hardyway '25 wears an orange Bucknell shirt and holds a football as he smiles in Christy Mathewson Memorial Stadium.

Student Story

Michael Hardyway '25, Environmental Studies

At Bucknell, Michael Hardyway '25 has thrived as a walk-on quarterback while also conducting research that furthers campus sustainability initiatives.

Sam Gutekunst is wearing a blue shirt and tan pants and stands and smiles on campus with sunlight shining through green leaves behind him.

Faculty Story

Sam Gutekunst, Mathematics and Computer Science

Sam Gutekunst, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Assistant Professor of Data Science, provides students with hands-on experiences that help them understand, apply and appreciate the significance of data science.

Marion Duval '25 poses outdoors


Bucknell Students Named as National Science Foundation Fellows and Goldwater Scholars

Six Bucknellians have been awarded two of the most prestigious fellowships and scholarships in higher education: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships and Barry Goldwater Scholarships.



Bucknell's Lower Co-authors Study Finding Climate Change's Impact on Firefly Population

The new meta-analysis uses data from the citizen science program Firefly Watch and machine learning models to evaluate factors impacting firefly populations.



Bucknell Class Plans Educational Eclipse Excursion to Texas

A class of 13 students will join faculty and staff in the Addison, Texas trip to conduct eclipse corona research, also presenting to students at the Greenhill School.

Faculty Story

Rajesh Kumar, Computer Science

Professor Rajesh Kumar is helping students uncover and understand the potential biases of biometrics.



Bucknell’s Reeder Co-authors Paper Disputing Bats' Role in Human Disease

The Bucknell biology professor co-authors the comprehensive review of previous scholarly literature, which was published today in ‘Biology Letters.’

Jacquelyn Awigena-Cook '05 looks on as Brianna Bolorin '24 holds lab equipment in a lab.

Student Story

Brianna Bolorin '24, Cell Biology/Biochemistry

Brianna Bolorin '24 is gaining valuable hands-on lab experience while conducting research that has the potential to advance biomedical therapies.



Chemistry Club Annual Halloween Show Turns Chemists into Performers

Chemistry Club students organized this year’s Oct. 24 show, which will feature fire-breathing pumpkins, foamy explosions and more spooky science.

Professor Olivia Boerman and Connor Kozick '26 are wearing white lab coats and purple gloves in a lab setting.


A Summer of Discovery

More than 250 Bucknell students are spending their summer conducting experiments, delving into archives and exploring creative questions to make meaningful discoveries.

Portrait of DeeAnn Reeder


Bucknell's Reeder Panelist in Cornell Webinar on Preventing the Next Pandemic

The noted bat researcher will present in the June 26 webinar on zoonotic spillover from bats to humans and ecological countermeasures that can stop it.



Bucknell's Villadsen Co-discovers Space Radiation Belt

Professor Jackie Villadsen is a co-author in a breakthrough Nature paper documenting the first images of a radiation belt observed outside of our solar system and the first from a brown dwarf.

Student Ally Clarke poses to the left-center of the frame standing between two rows of pink cherry blossom trees in full bloom


Meet Bucknell's Newest National Science Foundation Fellows and Goldwater Scholars

Eight Bucknellians have been awarded two of the most prestigious fellowships and scholarships in higher education: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships and Barry Goldwater Scholarships.

Mark Haussmann


Bucknell Study Finds Impact of Prenatal Stress on Offspring Stress Response

Professor Mark Haussmann’s biology lab conducted the study, which was published last week in Scientific Reports - Nature.

Professor Jackie Villadsen stands by a telescope in the Bucknell Observatory..JPG


Bucknell Professor Makes Celestial Discovery from 12 Light-years Away

Professor Jackie Villadsen is co-author of the first paper to document bursts of radio waves from a star known to host a close-in planet, suggesting the planet may have an Earth-like magnetic field.

Professor Jackie Villadsen stands next to a large telescope on Bucknell's campus and smiles.

Faculty Story

Jackie Villadsen, Physics & Astronomy

Professor Jackie Villadsen, physics & astronomy, is helping to answer one of science’s burning questions: Are there Earth-like planets in far-off solar systems?



Bucknell Researchers First to Document Firefly Pheromone

Bucknell professors, students head the research team that publishes a new study on the female-produced pheromone in winter fireflies in the ‘Journal of Chemical Ecology.’

Moria Chambers


Bucknell Researchers Publish Paper on Protective Value of Previous Infection

Biology, mathematics students, faculty publish study in Infection and Immunity journal on the impact of chronic infection on resistance and tolerance in fruit flies.

Four people dressed as salesmen cross an intersection in front of a trainstation.


Bucknell Students Take a Crack at Infamous Math Problem

An NSF grant opened the door for computational exploration and a big discovery.