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Marion Duval '25 runs tests in the lab

Student Story

Marion Duval ’25, Cell Biology/Biochemistry

At Bucknell, Marion Duval '25 is taking on one of the world's most threatening biological challenges, antibiotic resistance, through her lab research.



Bucknell Study: Bush Tomato Fools Bees With ‘Fake’ Female Pollen

The Australian plant is able to attract bees for necessary pollination to female flowers despite offering less-nutritious pollen than its male counterparts.

Georgia Corbett '24 dances with Bucknell Dance Company

Student Story

Georgia Corbett ’24, Mathematics

Bucknell's flexible liberal arts approach has given Georgia Corbett '24 the chance to nurture her lifelong passion for dance while pursuing hands-on mathematics research.

Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular


Bucknell Student Vocal Group Beyond Unison Opens Rockettes’ Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular

A cappella student group opened the Saturday, Nov. 20, 5 p.m. show.

Ibrahim Sulai


Bucknell Professor, Students Part of NSF Award to Search for Dark Matter

$245,750 award empowers Bucknell and two other undergraduate institutions to search for dark matter through atomic magnetometer networks.

Ian Herdt plays a guitar in front of a musical keyboard and computer

Student Story

Ian Herdt ’22, Computer Science

Ian Herdt '22, a computer science major from Mount Airy, Md., is designing software that will use artificial intelligence to write snippets of music, potentially helping songwriters overcome writer's block.

Chanzé Ahsan '22


Peace-building Grant Funds Bucknellian’s Homegrown Economic Development Program

With the help of a $10,000 grant from Davis Projects for Peace, Chanzé Ashsan '22 developed an entrepreneurial training program to combat economic insecurity in her home country of Pakistan.

Douglas Collins

Faculty Story

Douglas Collins, Chemistry

Professor Douglas Collins' vast indoor air chemistry research seeks to isolate and analyze the abundant reactions between common household chemicals and home surfaces.

Portrait of professor Jiajia Dong


Bucknell Awarded NSF Grant to Study Faculty Gender, Race, Ethnicity Barriers

The $271,000 award will fund a two-year self-assessment to identify systemic inequities and advancement barriers among faculty.

Tanisha Williams


Bucknell's Williams Plans #BlackBotanistsWeek2021, Wins Peter Raven Award for Plant Science Outreach

Five Bucknell students also will receive national plant sciences awards at this week’s Annual Botany Conference.

Boati Motau '25 competes in the Olympics with the South African women's water polo team

Student Story

Boati Motau ’25, Biology

After representing South Africa in the Tokyo Olympics, seasoned water polo player Boati Motau '25 brings her winning skills — and pre-med ambitions — to Bucknell.



Bucknell Students, Grads Awarded Four NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Grants

The five-year fellowship includes three years of financial support including an annual stipend of $34,000 and a cost of education allowance of $12,000 to the institution.

Manya Saaraswat '19

Alumni Story

Manya Saaraswat ’19, Biology

Biology major and aspiring doctor Manya Saaraswat '19 uses the beauty pageant stage to advocate for equity in children's health care worldwide.

Student researchers pose at farm


Blueprinting the Manufacturing Boom: Economics Study Draws Pandemic Insights From Rural Pennsylvania

In a year that tested nearly every facet of U.S. infrastructure, Bucknell’s backyard served as a compelling case study for economics research exploring the revitalization of rural America post-pandemic.

Sarah Lower firefly lab


Bucknell’s Lower, Collins Awarded NSF Grant to Study ‘Dark’ Fireflies

The research will focus on chemical signal evolution in fireflies.

mass spectrometer


Bucknell, Susquehanna Earn NSF Award for State-of-the-art Mass Spectrometer

The $391,000 grant purchased equipment that will benefit advanced research at all Susquehanna Valley institutions.

Will Snyder '21 sits at desk with computers displaying brain scans


Advancing Clinical Creativity: Bucknell Neuroscience Major Receives Prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Awarded to only 25 U.S. applicants annually, the scholarship will provide William Snyder '21 full funding to pursue a Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge.

Portraits of professors DeeAnn Reeder and Ken Field


Bucknell Biology Professors Awarded $2.9 Million Grant to Study African Bats, Viruses

Professors DeeAnn Reeder and Ken Field to study bats in Uganda to understand deadly disease spillovers to humans.

DeeAnn Reeder

Faculty Story

DeeAnn Reeder, Biology

Bucknell University Professor DeeAnn Reeder, biology, is an authority on infectious disease ecology, including the white-nose disease that has devastated North American bat populations.

Thomas Cassidy


Bucknell’s Cassidy Confirms Effectiveness of COVID Vaccination Plans in Study

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences study shows vaccinating the oldest population first saves more lives and more potential years of life.