The Affinity Housing Program (AHP) provides a unique living and learning experience that allows a group of students to live together while exploring a common area of interest. Student groups ranging from a group of like-minded individuals to members of the same student organization can apply to live together in one of Bucknell University's Small Houses. The 12 small houses range from 9-40 residents and each offer a common living area and kitchen for the house to utilize. Each Affinity will have an Affinity Leader, Residential Adviser, and Faculty/Staff Adviser to guide their Affinity's mission and values as they contribute to the larger campus community.

Please note: NCAA institutions are not permitted to have athletic housing or dormitories, meaning no more than 49% of a particular house, dorm, floor, blocks, etc. can be made up of student-athletes. As you build your roster, please be mindful of individuals who are student-athletes. Rosters will be verified to make sure we are in compliance with NCAA rules.

2019-2020 Affinity House

7th Street House “Umoja”
7th Street House will focus on highlighting the importance of Umoja, which is highlighted through Kwanzaa events. Our mission is to bring people together as if we were a family and create an environment where everyone can feel welcomed. Often, people struggle with finding a place where they feel comfortable on campus and we hope our community will be a safe space for individuals.

23 University Ave “Sustainability and Innovation”
The Sustainability and Innovation affinity strives to foster a community of individuals who are mindful of their consumption and are motivated to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle through innovation and action. We hope to engage with resources on and off campus (i.e. BU Farm, Lewisburg Community Garden, Bucknell Facilities, etc.) to educate and encourage sustainable practices on campus and in our lives at the house. We will focus on an understanding of why sustainability is essential and the various ways to incorporate it into daily life.

64 University Ave “Outhouse”
The mission of the Outhouse is to promote outdoor recreational activities and allow its residents and the surrounding community to share their love for the outdoors together! We wish to bring together more students with like interests and hobbies. Our goal is to promote environmental awareness and give the University community an opportunity to appreciate the outdoors. This community offers a great support system for its members who are often involved in a variety of activities all over campus. Our community will foster leaders within the Bucknell community to promote experiential education and personal growth.

400 St. George Street “Entrepreneurship and Innovation”
The mission of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Affinity is to foster intellectual growth, collaboration, and creative thinking. Furthermore, we strive to establish a mindset that we can positively impact the world around us through entrepreneurship and innovation. Our goal and vision is to create an environment that encourages curiosity, both supports and pushes each individual in their academics as well as extracurriculars, and provides the E&I community with opportunities that otherwise would not be available to them.

Carey House “International House”
The mission of the International Affinity is to promote the International community on campus by engaging with the wider Bucknell community. With the International Affinity House, we want to create an inclusive space that promotes the celebration of culture and diversity on campus.

Corner House “Bohemia”
The mission of the Bohemia House is to foster a diverse and interdisciplinary artistic community by establishing a residential space in which students can collaborate, combining a variety of artistic perspectives in ways that will energize and rejuvenate the arts scene, the academic scene, and the social scene at Bucknell.

Edwards House “RC Alumni House”
The RC Alumni House will support the RC ¼ credit class offerings, create an opportunity for students who participated in the Res College program to continue living in community after their first year and create access to the RC program for students who didn’t participate during their first year at Bucknell University. RC Alumni students living in the house will work with their respective Teaching Assistant, Resident Fellow, and Resident Adviser to develop and initiate community goals and participate in at least three RC-approved activities per semester.

Galloway House “Cap and Dagger”
The Cap and Dagger House seeks to promote the growth of the arts at Bucknell, provide ongoing support to the Department of Theatre & Dance, and uphold the University's commitment to liberal arts education by integrating living and learning, theatre and other disciplines, seniors and first-years, and service and art -- all within a safe, empowering, and dynamic environment. We hope to continue to foster and reinforce the community within the arts and to provide a safe space for students and an alternate social environment free of party culture.

Hulley House “C.A.L.V.I.N. & H.O.B.B.E.S”
C.A.L.V.I.N. & H.O.B.B.E.S is a house dedicated to providing a fun, safe environment for students who wish to live and socialize in a house that is strictly substance free. By partnering with the club on campus by the same name, C.A.L.V.I.N. & H.O.B.B.E.S. has been providing substance free fun on campus for over 25 years.

Leiser House “TRANSFERmation House”
The mission of the TRANSFERmation House is to provide a support community for the diverse population of transfer students during their first year at Bucknell. The house sponsors events that encourage its residents to explore the campus, make friends, discover their passions, and find a sense of belonging.

Martin House “La Casa”
La Casa is a space for students to create community, explore identity, and develop cultural awareness of cultures within the Latin diaspora, which includes countries rooted in North America, South America, Europe and the Caribbean. While it will not be mandatory for members to be a part of LACOS, it is still our mission to craft a space where anyone can explore their own Latinx/Caribbean/Spanish culture. We feel that the Latinx community deserves a safe space, where we don’t feel foreign. We want to do this by creating a safe space for Latinx students to be themselves, to create an inclusive space where all voices and experiences are valued and to provide education and outreach about cultures within the Latinx diaspora.

Taylor Street House “Fran’s House”
Fran's House provides Bucknell University with LGBT-friendly, gender-neutral housing. The house serves as a safe place for LGBT individuals and allies at all times and as a sponsor of events to enrich the lives of LGBT individuals and allies on campus.