First-year Housing

Two students studying in their decorated dorm room at Bucknell University

Welcome home! Our residence halls for first-year students are roomy, conveniently located and outfitted with the amenities you'll need to rest, relax and recharge.

As a first-year student, you'll live on a floor with other first-year students. Most rooms are double occupancy and about 160 square feet in size.

You'll be in McDonnell, Smith, Swartz or Vedder. Each hall has its own unique charm, and we think you'll find that it's more than housing. It's home.

As a first-year student, you can also choose to live in any one of our Residential Colleges, where you'll live and learn with fellow innovative thinkers.

The Housing Profile & Questionnaire will be available to the Class of 2028 beginning in April.

First-year Housing Assignments

As a first-year student, you will live in one of two types of floor or hall group:

  • Most floors are coed by alternating room (men in one room, women in the next, with separate bathrooms).
  • Some floors are single-gender halls (men and women on distinct floors or wings, with separate bathrooms).

If you have concerns being placed in a room assignment as described above and wish to discuss options, please contact:

Bill McCoy, Director, Office of LGBTQ Resources

In order to be considered for a specific housing assignment, please contact us by June 10.

Roommate Matching

In order to create roommate matches between students who share similar living characteristics, use the Housing Questionnaire located in the housing application in myHOME.

First-year students are not able to submit roommate requests. In addition, students from the same high school or hometown are not allowed to be first-year roommates. Bucknell believes learning to live with new acquaintances is an essential part of the residential learning experience.

Roommate matches are placed in a floor or hall of a building intentionally in order to create a unique community that is reflective of the University's commitment to different cultures and diverse perspectives.

First-year Student Timeline

  1. By June 1: If you are requesting housing accommodations, please refer to the Office of Accessibility Resources. Learn more about accommodations. All documentation must be submitted no later than June 1.
  2. By June 14: Complete the Housing Application & Questionnaire in myHOME and make sure to complete your course registration. You will not receive a housing assignment until your course registration is complete.
  3. By mid-July: Your room assignment will be sent to you via email and posted in myHOME.