Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts music major is a general program of study within the liberal arts designed to equip students with a broad background in music. Bachelor of Arts in Music degree programs are also offered with a concentration in either performance, contemporary composition, or cultural and critical studies in music. Those who wish to pursue double majors are able to do so with either of the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree programs that are offered.

Bachelor of Music

The Bachelor of Music degree is a more highly specialized program of study in which students choose from individualized professional programs in either vocal performance or music education. It is not possible to pursue a double major while pursuing the Bachelor of Music degrees in the music education or vocal performance due to the rigorous course requirements of these programs.


An audition is required for acceptance into all music degree programs, including the Bachelor of Music degree programs and the Bachelor of Arts degree programs. All music candidates need to follow the Arts Merit Scholarship process, regardless of their interest in these competitive scholarships. The music faculty will submit their recommendations for scholarships to the Arts Merit Scholarship Committee after the completion of the audition requirements. The Admissions Department considers applications incomplete until the audition requirements are satisfied.