Membership and Registration Confirmation

Membership and course registration are confirmed by email or U.S. mail on receipt of payment. Do not attend a course unless your registration has been confirmed. Membership cards printed with new and renewing member names, addresses, and dates of membership period are available upon request.


Our online courses will not be canceled due to weather, except in the case of power or internet outages or an extreme weather event. Course members who are unable to attend due to illness, a technical problem or an emergency can request to view the Zoom recording of class sessions by asking the instructor or contacting the BILL office.

Class Cancellation (by course leaders)

Students will be notified by email or telephone if a class is canceled. Make-up dates and times will be arranged on an individual class basis.


Registering to become a member of this institute gives us permission to use any photos that include you in our print and electronic publications. If you do not want us to use your photograph, please notify the photographer at the event.

Refund Policy

Course registration fees will be refunded if a refund request is made before the start of the first class or if space in desired classes is unavailable. The membership fee is generally not refundable but a refund will be considered in cases where a member has not been able to enroll in courses.

Class Size and Schedules

All classes and schedules are subject to change. BILL reserves the right to limit class size and to cancel classes if there is insufficient enrollment. See the minimum and maximum number of students listed for each course described in the course catalog.

Our revised COVID policy for in-person events is posted below. Other policies concerning membership and classes can be found in the current BILL program catalog.

Contact Details

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