BIPP Speaker Sponsorship

The Bucknell Institute for Public Policy values academic discourse, and sponsors and co-sponsors speakers from across the political spectrum on issues relating to public policy.

Sponsorship or co-sponsorship of speakers by the institute does not imply endorsement of their views. Understanding that in some cases there may be tension between freedom of speech and other values that the University and the institute hold, BIPP will consider each co-sponsorship request on a case-by-case basis, weighing these concerns in their decisions.

Departments or student groups requesting co-sponsorship for a speaker should provide the Faculty Steering Committee with the proposed speaker’s curriculum vitae, a title and description of the topic the speaker will address and its relevance for public policy with ample lead time for the committee to review.

The steering committee will discuss the credentials of the speaker, the relevance of the topic to policy and the impact of the speaker on community members. If there is support from a 2/3 majority of the steering committee, the institute will co-sponsor the speaker. If new information about the speaker comes to light or the nature of the event changes after sponsorship has been granted, the institute may withdraw its support of the event.

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