The Center for Social Science Research (CSSR) is an interdisciplinary center that supports the teaching of the many fundamental methodologies of social science field research.

Our mission is to advance social science research at Bucknell University by providing students with the tools, research opportunities and instructors that will guide them in their research.

Poster Plus Session

The Social Science Research Methods Poster Plus Session began in spring 2011 as an opportunity for students in social science research methods courses to present a course project.

Since that time, it has expanded to include student posters from non-methods courses that require a social science research project. In addition to a traditional poster, students have also presented original multimedia creations, such as short films and websites.

Method Consults

CSSR pairs faculty members who have expertise in specific social science methods with advanced students enrolled in non-methods-focused social science and humanities courses.

This enables students working on significant projects involving original field research to consult with a faculty member about research methodologies relevant to their work.

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Transcribers Database

CSSR maintains an up-to-date database of people (including Bucknell students, staff and faculty, and community members) who can transcribe interview recordings in particular languages (including English).

The researcher and transcriber negotiate details of contracts and payment.

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Steering Committee

  • Professor John Doces, political science
  • Professor Elizabeth Durden, sociology & anthropology
  • Professor Bill Flack, psychology
  • Professor Ramona Fruja, education
  • Professor Douglas Hecock, political science
  • Professor Carl Lin, economics
  • Professor Vanessa Massaro, geography
  • Professor Clare Sammells, sociology & anthropology
  • Professor Amanda Wooden, environmental science

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