• Arun Gandhi

    Martin Luther King Jr. Week

    Bucknell's​ ​Martin​ ​Luther​ ​King​ ​Jr.​ ​Week​ ​brings​ ​scholars​ ​to​ ​campus​​ ​to​ engage​ ​our​ ​community​ ​in​ ​a​ ​conversation​ ​about​ ​Dr.​ ​King's​ ​legacy​ ​and philosophies​ ​with​ ​regard​ ​to​ ​current​ ​struggles.

  • Peter Balakian speaking

    The Janet Weis Fellow in Contemporary Letters

    Presented every two years, the Janet Weis Fellow in Contemporary Letters honors and recognizes individuals who represent the highest level of achievement in the craft of writing within the realms of fiction, non-fiction or biography. Previous recipients include Toni Morrison, Joyce Carol Oates, Robert A. Caro and Peter Balakian ’73.

  • Orange Innovate Lightbulb

    Innovate Bucknell

    Innovate Bucknell is a series of engaging educational and networking opportunities for students, faculty, alumni, parents and friends to celebrate and share their interest, passion and knowledge in entrepreneurship and innovation at every stage of life and career.