Engaged Bucknell Coordinating Council

In October 2017, Bucknell President John Bravman signed the Campus Compact 30th Anniversary Statement, which commits the University to renewing its dedication to preparing students for democratic citizenship, building partnerships for change, and reinvigorating higher education for the public good. By signing the statement, President Bravman committed the University to developing a campus civic action plan that states the actions Bucknell will take as it moves forward with a renewed sense of urgency, along with the impacts it expects to achieve.

The Engaged Bucknell Civic Action Plan developed as a result of that commitment recommended the creation of the Engaged Bucknell Coordinating Council, with membership that includes those from across the University whose individual decision-making and coordinating roles focus, at least in part, on some aspect of university-community relations and partnerships in the Central Susquehanna Valley.


The Engaged Bucknell Coordinating Council's mission is to implement and assess the Engaged Bucknell Civic Action Plan and to coordinate the University's community engagement efforts, especially in the Central Susquehanna Valley communities, primarily Northumberland, Snyder and Union counties.

Purpose of the Council

  1. Operate as a hub for activities related to the public purposes of Bucknell University as an anchor institution in the region.
  2. Implement and assess the Engaged Bucknell Civic Action Plan.
  3. Ensure mutually respectful partnerships between Bucknell and community stakeholders in pursuit of a just, equitable and sustainable future for our Central Susquehanna Valley communities.
  4. Communicate with internal and external constituents about the University's civic engagement activities and accomplishments.


  • Director of Center for Community Engaged Leadership, Learning & Research (co-chair)
  • Faculty Director for Academic Civic Engagement (co-chair)
  • Vice President and Director of Athletics, designate
  • University Chaplain, designate
  • Department of Education Field Experience Coordinator/Director of Professional Education
  • Associate Dean of Students for Living, Learning & Leadership
  • Dean of the Freeman College of Management, designate
  • Associate Dean of Students and Strategic Initiatives, College of Engineering
  • Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, designate
  • Bucknell Center for Sustainability & the Environment, designate
  • Vice President of Equity & Inclusive Excellence, designate
  • Director of Global & Off-campus Education, designate
  • Small Business Development Center, designate
  • University Advancement, designate
  • Faculty Council or Committee on Instruction, designate
  • Two Student Representatives

Contact Details

Katherine Faull

Associate Provost; Faculty Director for Civic Engagement
Director for Community Engaged Learning and Research