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Bucknell University Africana studies majors explore the interrelated histories, politics and culture of Africa and the African Diaspora in the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and elsewhere.

In small classes, you'll examine Black culture, experience and thought from an interdisciplinary perspective. You'll gain the critical-thinking skills that employers and graduate schools seek.

Experience rich, immersive learning by studying with Bucknell in Ghana, South Africa or the Caribbean. You'll enter the job market well versed in issues of diversity and inclusion — and prepared to succeed in careers ranging from the arts, education and social work to public policy, law, medicine, business, development economics and more.


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Experience Africa with the Bucknell in Ghana Program

Explore Ghana while living and learning with Ghanaian, Bucknell and other students from around the world through this "Bucknell In" program, hosted in partnership with the University of Cape Coast. Students will visit historic sites, participate in African cultural events and taste local delicacies as they study development in Ghana and neighboring West African nations. Major themes of this study abroad experience include perspectives on West African development, politics, the slave trade and colonialism.

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Enrich Your Studies at the Griot Institute for the Study of Black Lives & Cultures

The Griot Institute for the Study of Black Lives & Cultures provides faculty and student intellectual and creative engagement with the interdisciplinary investigation of the cultures, histories, narratives, peoples, geographies and arts of Africa and the African diaspora. The Griot hosts regular academic and cultural events as well as field trips to historical and cultural sites. 

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