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In Bucknell's Department of Art & Art History, students unlock opportunities to create and experience art both on and off campus.

As a student artist at Bucknell, you'll travel to art museums and galleries, meet world-renowned artists, and create your own artwork in the wide range of campus spaces outlined on this page.

With spaces like the stunning Kate Miller Art Studio, the technology-packed VR Classroom, the vintage Art Barn and the 103 (our new exhibition space in Holmes Hall), the artistic possibilities are endless.

Holmes Hall

  • Holmes Hall exhibition space

    the 103

    Holmes Hall 103

    (exhibition space)

    The 103, located on the first floor of Holmes Hall, is a teaching exhibition space run by the faculty of Art & Art History that exhibits artwork from a diverse group of professional and student artists. You'll experience a wide range of concepts, styles, media and a diversity of artists whose work informs, inspires and challenges.

    The space's main goal is to support the pedagogy of the Department of Art & Art History and the education of Bucknell students towards deepening the curriculum taught in the department.

    While we welcome submissions for consideration, we recommend that prior to submitting, you consider the 103's mission and current and past exhibitions in order to determine whether your submission is a match with our program. Shows are typically planned several years in advance. We do not accept actual works of art for consideration.

    Explore the 103
  • VR Classroom

    VR Classroom

    Holmes Hall 301

    This 25-seat classroom features 15 Oculus VR headsets, and PC and Mac computers loaded with a variety of computer-aided design (CAD) programs. Using these resources, Digital Sculpture 1 students develop virtual 3D forms that can be 3D-printed, laser-cut, or CNC routed in various materials. Digital Sculpture 2 students design virtual reality experiences as works of art.

  • Lighting Studio

    Fully Outfitted Photography Area

    Holmes Hall Third Floor

    Located on the third floor of Holmes Hall (suites 328, 329, 330 and 346), the photo facility supports the department's dynamic art and design curriculum. The facility provides photography classes with top-quality space and equipment for image-making in silver-based black and white photography, digital production, digital color management and digital printing.

    The facility houses a complete photo lab with a fully loaded darkroom, print finish area, high-end digital output printing area and an expansive lighting studio. Additional spaces and resources for book making and historical alternative photo printing processes are also available.

  • Graphic Design Class

    Graphic Design With Impact

    Holmes Hall Third Floor

    Graphic design classes are taught in the digital studios in Holmes Hall 301 and 346, which provide spaces for students to create impactful design work in a state-of-the-art facility. The digital studios are equipped with high-end hardware and industry standard software, from the Adobe Creative Suite to wireframing and prototyping software, as well as a digital output printing area.

  • Kate Miller Art Studio

    Kate Miller Art Studio

    Holmes Hall 345

    Named in memory of a beloved former student, the Kate Miller Art Studio offers more than 1,000 square feet for drawing students to learn and hone the crafts of observational and experimental drawing. The studio features huge windows and north-facing skylights for optimal natural lighting conditions as well as an array of internally controlled lighting options.

    The studio is equipped with easels, individual storage areas for students, a spray booth, an assortment of projectors, and many other amenities to support the creative work of students. In addition, the multimedia capabilities of the studio allow instructors and students to easily share presentations, video, audio and networked content in the class via digital projection and sound, which make this impressive space even more adaptable.

Holmes Hall

Art Barn

  • Painting Studio

    Painting Studio

    Located on Bucknell's scenic west campus in the university's former dairy barn, the painting studios offer more than 3,000 square feet of space and 24/7 access for students. The studios feature easels, supports for painting, lighting, storage space for materials and a rich collection of still-life props. Together, these features make this space functional, flexible and ideal for both beginning and advanced students.

    • Large painting area
    • Easels
    • Taborets
    • Critique and storage spaces
  • Sculpting with Clay

    Sculpture Studio

    The sculpture lab is equipped with a fully outfitted steel fabrication shop, mold-making area, bronze casting studio, woodshop, CNC router, and various equipment for mixed-media processes. With the use of these resources, students are able to realize complex 3D projects in an assortment of media.

    • Steel fabrication shop equipped with MIG welders, a plasma cutter, large steel tables for assembly, and a variety of hand tools.
    • Small-scale lost-wax bronze casting equipment, including burnout kiln, jewelers furnaces, and TIG welder.
    • Large CNC router for milling styrofoam and wood.
    • Moldmaking area with backdraft ventilation to protect students from noxious fumes.
    • Woodshop with table, miter, band saws, as well as drill press, various sanders, etc.
    • Kiln for bisque firing hand-built ceramic projects.
  • Print Making

    Printmaking Studio

    Explore the art of the multiple at the printmaking studio, which features a print shop for students and the Bucknell community to experiment with print media. The print shop is fully equipped for silkscreen, intaglio, lithography, relief, letterpress and digital printing, giving students the space to explore conventional as well as non-toxic printmaking practices.

Printmaking Studio Equipment

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