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Challenge what you think you know about people, power and the world we live in. Bucknell history majors learn through doing as they study the struggles, worldviews and development of human societies in different times and places.

Investigate the past and develop skills for your future in an atmosphere that encourages critical thinking, social justice and civic engagement. You'll learn to think analytically, argue logically and write compellingly — and prepare for the job market.

Recent history graduates have pursued careers in education, communications, law, business development, teaching, medicine, the entertainment industry, nonprofits and more.


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Portrait of Ryan Bremer '22 on Bucknell's campus

The passion of the professors in the History Department inspired me to pursue research opportunities that helped me discover my own academic interests. I found that I could study topics that mattered to me and—even during undergrad—contribute to the larger historical conversation.

Ryan Bremer '22

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Welcome – we’re delighted you’re here, and that you’re interested in history. History is full of exciting stories, interesting places, and fascinating people; it’s a chance to explore ideas and events from around the world, and better understand where you came from.

History Major Requirements

Here is a History Major and Minor Requirements Worksheet to help guide you through the selection of classes.

Bucknellians in World War I

These Bucknellians answered President Woodrow Wilson's call for Americans to fight for democracy, justice and the rights of small nations; more than 30 lost their lives in defense of these noble principles. A century later, the Bucknellians in World War I project.

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William Twersky '12, History and Classics

"History informs the present. People have to understand the past to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes," Twersky says. "Exhibits look at moments of impact and act as storytelling and teaching moments for the general public. They make an impact on people, and that’s what I like most about what I do."

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