Latin American Studies

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Investigate the historical, cultural and economic forces that shape a complex, vibrant region. As a Latin American studies student at Bucknell, you'll chart your own course of discovery and research under the guidance of faculty drawn from nine social science and humanities departments and programs.

Study abroad in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador or Mexico. Gain new perspective by meeting visiting Latin American writers and scholars.

You'll graduate proficient in Spanish and prepared for career success in diverse fields such as law, international business or education.

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Find your path to Latin American studies at Bucknell

Get Involved

Our Latin American studies program is a member of the International Latin American Studies Association and the Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs. Both groups advocate for the education and preservation of Latin American culture and the degree programs that study it.

Student organizations such as Organization of Hispanic & Latin American Students offer opportunities to learn more about Latin America's diverse cultures and to participate in activities focused on Latin American issues.

Language Placement Exam

 Whether you intend to continue a language you studied in high school or wish to explore a new one, an online placement test is required to enroll in language courses. Your exam score and academic record will inform the final placement decision. We recommend that all students with past language experience take the placement test as early as possible. First-year students will be automatically directed to the exam during course registration. Sophomores, juniors and seniors should contact the academic department prior to course registration. 

Language placement exam


Study Abroad

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Immerse Yourself in Culture

Latin American studies majors are encouraged to spend at least one semester of study in Latin America.

Bucknell students have studied in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Latin American Studies


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