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There’s no substitute for the experience of exploring new places, meeting new people and the learning that happens through those encounters.

At Bucknell, we give our students countless opportunities to learn about the world on and off campus with their own eyes and ears.

Through our "Bucknell In" programs, exchanges and more than 450 partner programs, students can travel and explore the world around them while keeping their graduation requirements on track.

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Beginning the Process

First-year students who wish to study abroad their sophomore year may begin applying during their first semester. Students must complete a Pre-Application form before the fall application deadline.

Sophomore students who wish to study abroad during their junior year or fall of senior year may begin applying in the fall of their sophomore year.

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GPA Eligibility Requirements

Bucknell policy requires that students who study off campus meet the following GPA requirements. 

Fall semester abroad: 2.8 GPA 
Spring semester abroad: 3.0 GPA 


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Application Process

To begin your application, you will need to fill out a Pre-Application form and schedule an advising session with a staff member from the Office of Global & Off Campus Education. You must complete these steps before you are able to submit an application.

Step 1: Complete the pre-application form
Step 2: Schedule an advising session
Step 3: Submit your application

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There are space limits on the spring and fall semester (250 each term). Since applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, it is possible for the spring or fall term to close prior to the end of the advising/application period. Applications will be reviewed and processed on a rolling basis during the advising periods. 

Since space is limited each semester, it will be important to meet with your Global Education Advisor early in the advising period to ensure you can move forward with the application process.

You must stay in contact with your Global Education Advisor throughout the advising and application process.



Advising Periods

Students interested in studying abroad will need to meet with their study abroad advisor during the advising period for their term abroad in order to begin a study abroad application.

Fall 2021: Oct. 1, 2020 - Feb. 25, 2021

Spring 2022: March 1, 2021 - Sept. 16, 2021

Fall 2022/Full Year Term 2022 - 2023: Oct. 7, 2021 - Jan. 30, 2022

Short-Term/Summer 2022: Aug. 26, 2021 - April 1, 2022 (This only applies to non-Bucknell summer programs. Bucknell in Faculty-led Summer programs will maintain individual advising and applications periods. Check the specific program web page for additional details.)



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