Financing Off-campus Study

Studying off-campus is a financial commitment and understanding the full extent of the costs is an important part of the decision-making and planning process. The information below outlines what to consider when estimating costs and meeting financial obligations for off-campus study.


All Bucknell students who are studying off-campus will be responsible for paying the cost of Bucknell tuition for that semester, regardless of their chosen off-campus study program or provider. In addition to the cost of Bucknell tuition, students are also responsible for all non-tuition costs associated with their chosen program, including:

  • Housing
  • Passport and visa fees
  • Transportation
  • Textbooks
  • Application and deposit fees
  • Personal travel funds

Students should check the details of each program for an explanation of fees.

Participation in a "Bucknell approved" program will require payment of all non-tuition fees directly to the education abroad partner. Payment amounts and due dates for these fees are based solely on the education abroad partner schedule and are not the responsibility of Bucknell University.

Additional costs associated with "Bucknell in" programs vary, based upon program and location. Students participating in these programs will pay fees directly to Bucknell University, based on University-scheduled due dates.

Estimate the cost of your study abroad program


In exchange for paying the cost of Bucknell tuition, students will receive the following services from their global education adviser and the Office of Global & Off-campus Education:

  • Pre-departure planning
  • Application assistance
  • Academic counseling
  • Assistance with transfer of credit process upon return
  • Health, security and safety training and assistance
  • Re-entry programming upon return

Additionally, students maintain their status as fully registered Bucknell students, which includes:

  • The ability to utilize financial aid packages while abroad.
  • Access to Bucknell University computer networks and programs.
  • The ability to return to Bucknell housing upon return from studying abroad.
  • Guaranteed transfer of credits to be used toward their Bucknell degree programs.

Financial Aid

In general, students who are currently eligible for financial aid will continue to maintain their aid package while studying off-campus in "Bucknell approved provider" programs. However, students who are currently participating in work study will not be eligible to participate in this program while studying off-campus.

For specific questions related to your Financial Aid package, please contact:

Office of Financial Aid

Tuition Payment Plan

Families participating in the monthly payment plan with Tuition Management Systems may continue to do so while their student is studying off-campus. After reviewing approved program provider costs, it may be necessary for families to adjust their payment plan. For specific questions related to monthly tuition payment, please contact:

Tuition Management Systems

Bursar Services

Tuition Remission or Exchange Students

If a student is attending Bucknell on tuition remission or exchange please review the policy document that outlines how that remission or exchange is applied to our various study abroad programs.

Tuition remission/exchange policy

Tuition Refund Insurance

Bucknell University does not currently offer tuition refund insurance. However, we encourage you to consider purchasing tuition refund insurance from one of the many commercially available providers. For additional information regarding financial policies and billing procedures, please contact:

Office of Global & Off-campus Education

Withdrawal Policy

The Withdrawal Policy for Semester & Full Academic Year Programs governs a student's withdrawal from an off-campus/study abroad program, for any reason, once their program acceptance has been released. Students interested in withdrawing should contact the Office of Global & Off-campus Education as early as possible to initiate the withdrawal process. A student's withdrawal date is the date the student notified the Office of Global & Off-campus Education, in writing, of the student's decision to withdraw.

Withdrawal Policy for Semester & Full Academic Year Programs

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