Orchestra Audition Form

Auditions are required for all new members. Audition material will consist of a solo piece or etude of the player's choice and sight-reading.

Due to the need for section and seating assignments, it is imperative that the conductor hear all first-year and transfer students two days before the start of classes.

Complete the form below to indicate your interest in auditioning for the Orchestra. There will be a sign-up sheet outside Room 216 of the Sigfried Weis Music Building to select your time. Email para@bucknell.edu with any questions.

Personal Information

Do you require the use of a Bucknell University instrument?

Pre-register for orchestra?

It is highly recommended that students intending to audition and play in the orchestra pre-register for orchestra. Doing so will prevent a schedule conflict between orchestra and a Wednesday evening lab session or Wednesday evening section of a class. Should you not pre-register and you have been assigned a Wednesday evening class it is possible to change your schedule after you arrive at Bucknell, but the process can be difficult, time consuming, and not always successful.

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