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Women In Engineering

100 Years of Women in Engineering

In 1923, Katherine Owens Hayden P'48 became the first woman to earn an engineering degree from Bucknell University. During an era when coeducational classrooms — nevermind engineering labs — were a rarity, Hayden's accomplishment marks a progressive feat. Her willingness to defy the norm, persist through challenges and break new ground demonstrates a mindset that Bucknell’s College of Engineering faculty, administrators and students embrace and embody today.

In the 100 years since Hayden's graduation, Bucknell has actively worked to broaden the story of who is successful in engineering. Today, women comprise nearly one-third of Bucknell College of Engineering students, compared to just 24% nationally. To ensure all our students thrive, there is an understanding that the educational experience needs to go beyond acquiring knowledge and developing technical skills. At Bucknell, engineering students receive hands-on, meaningful learning opportunities within an empowering environment, and that experience builds a foundation that carries them into successful, fulfilling careers. These ongoing efforts to advance inclusion and representation will ensure the College of Engineering's legacy of excellence for the next 100 years — and beyond.

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Bucknell has established a scholarship fund in honor of Hayden's historic graduation

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