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Throughout their time at Bucknell, students in the Computer Science & Engineering major will be challenged to create, innovate and design their own computer programs. To ensure their success, Bucknell provides students with state-of-the-art equipment to gain hands-on experience in Linux, Windows and Macintosh environments throughout their undergraduate experience.

Linux Lab, Dana Engineering

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The Dana Linux Lab contains 25 PC Linux workstations, laserjet printer and a projector for presentations and instruction. These systems include all standard Linux software as well as Adobe Reader, Matlab, Mathematica, Emacs, GNU operating systems and the Sun Java Development Kit.

Linux Lab, Breakiron Engineering

Inside a computer science class

The Breakiron Linux Lab is equipped with more than 30 PC Linux workstations, laserjet printer and a projector for presentations and instruction. These systems include all standard Linux software as well as Adobe Reader, Thunderbird, Evolution, Matlab, Emacs, GNU operating systems, ProEngineer and the Java Development Kit.

Computer Visualization Laboratory, Dana Engineering

The Computer Visualization Laboratory houses two high-end workstations (one PC and one Mac) loaded with the Maya software package from Alias Systems for use in computer graphics courses as well as advanced graphics research.

High-Performance Virtual Laboratory, Dana Engineering

Dana Engineering

This virtual laboratory offers a 16-processor Linux cluster computer that can be accessed remotely from any computer in the departmental network. The computer utilizes a message-passing interface for communication across boards and is well-suited for experiments and projects in high-performance, distributed computing. This laboratory is used in both student and faculty research.

Student Project Room, Breakiron Engineering

The Student Project Room contains 10 Linux workstations reserved exclusively for use by computer science students for projects, assignments and other computing needs

Collaborative Learning Environment, Dana Engineering

Dana Lobby

This four-room space on the first floor offers extensive space for group projects in two flexible collaborative studios and two accompanying seminar or breakout rooms, offering space for up to 40 students to work together on notebook computers and desktop Windows workstations. All four rooms contain projectors for presentations, and Dana 132 houses video conference equipment for collaborating with off-campus partners.

Network Systems Laboratory, Dana Engineering

The Network Systems Laboratory supports classes such as Computer & Network Security and Computer Networks with an isolated network for use in experiments and class projects, such as assessing security vulnerabilities in Linux systems by managing your own network and attempting to ward off hacking attempts from your classmates.

Courseware Development Studio, Dana Engineering

The Courseware Development Studio offers an array of programs and equipment for developing educational materials, including scanners, video-editing equipment, color printers, DVD burners and a large format printer for printing CAD drawings and posters.

Access to this room is restricted. Please contact if you would like access.

PC Labs, Dana Engineering

PC Labs

Three PC labs in Dana Engineering offer computer science & engineering students with a wide variety of computer programs and equipment, including Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver, Matlab, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Mathematica, SPSS, X-Win32 and Xmanager Enterprise. Each lab also includes printers and projection equipment for teaching and presentations.

Remote Lab

Linguistics Class

Application virtualization technology provided by Bucknell's library allows students to run resource-intensive software applications that would otherwise only be available in an on-campus lab on their own computers, tablets or smartphones.

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