Definitions & Procedures

Definitions of Academic Irresponsibility

Definitions of inappropriate collaboration, cheating, plagiarism, fabrication, academic misconduct and misuse of computing facilities.

Definitions of academic irresponsibility

Board of Review Process

Explanation of the procedures for Board of Review hearings, list of Board of Review members, procedures to be followed in all suspected cases of academic irresponsibility and the range of penalties.

Board of Review process

Board of Review Records

Details about materials related to suspected academic misconduct. These records are kept in the Registrar’s Office in confidential files separate from the student’s academic record.

Board of Review records

Board of Review Appeal Process

Information about how a student can appeal a Board of Review decision to the designated dean in their college. To do so, the student should present a written statement explaining the reason for the appeal and any evidence not available at the time of the hearing. An appeal must be made within one month of the decision.

Board of Review appeal process

FAQ for Students

Answers to students' questions about academic responsibility.

FAQ for students

FAQ for Faculty

Answers to faculty members' questions about academic responsibility.

FAQ for faculty