Faculty Reporting

Faculty are required to submit final grades via Banner Self-Service. The links below provide detailed information on submitting grades.

Submitting midterm grades via Banner Self-Service
Submitting final grades via Banner Self-Service

Student Grade Reports

Final grade reports are posted online at the end of each semester.

Students can access their grades with a valid Banner user ID and pin in Banner Self-Service or through the Banner Self-Service gadget in myBucknell.

Grade reports show courses taken, grades, credits earned, credits attempted, quality points and grade point average achieved at Bucknell for the semester or summer session term indicated. Earned credit information from other institutions and/or standardized tests are not shown on the final grade reports. Students should request a copy of their academic transcript to view this information.

Grading System

The performance of a student in each course is evaluated on the grade report using the following letters/symbols and quality points. Quality points reflect both the student's letter grade and the amount of credit the course carries, as described in the table below. Quality points are used in determining the student's semester and overall grade point average.

Grade:Quality Points:
0.25 credits0.50 credits1.00 credit1.25 credits1.50 credits1.75 credits2.00 credits

F Grade Replacement Policy, Effective Spring 2023

Starting with all active students in the Spring of 2023, F grades will be replaced with NC (No Credit) when the same course has been retaken for a passing grade at Bucknell or transferred in with a passing grade from a directly equivalent course. The replacement course must be completed before graduation. The approval of the equivalent course transfer will be at the discretion of the relevant department. Courses in which students received an F grade as a penalty from a Board of Review case are not eligible to be replaced. Transcripted NCs will not be factored into the GPA.

No action is required on the part of the student for this replacement to occur. Grades are automatically adjusted by the Registrar’s Office once the repeated course grade or transfer credit is received. Students are encouraged to discuss plans to retake courses with their academic adviser.