How to Register for Summer Session

To register for Summer Session, complete the Course Registration Form and return it by May 25, 2020.

By mail

Office of the Registrar
Bucknell University
1 Dent Drive 
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Detailed instructions for completing the form and obtaining any necessary permissions are below. There is no online registration for Summer Session.


Register for Summer Session

Important Dates

  • Summer Session Begins, Registration Deadline

  • Drop/Add Deadline

  • Withdrawal Deadline (with dean’s permission)

  • Summer Session Ends

Registration Limits

  • Summer courses designated as permission (P) courses require permission from the course instructor prior to enrollment.
  • The maximum course load during the Summer Session is two full courses or one full course and two half courses.
  • Only graduate students may register for 600-level courses.

Detailed Registration Instructions

To register for Summer Session, follow the steps below

  1. Download and complete the two-page Course Registration Form. The form is a writable pdf that can be printed. If your course is an independent study or permission (P) course, see step two; otherwise skip to step three.
  2. Obtain approval(s) of instructor(s) for any permission (P) courses. Email approvals will be accepted in lieu of signatures. Independent study and internship courses developed by the student also require preapproval from the instructor who will supervise and grade the coursework; contact the instructor to gain approval to enroll before listing any permission (P) course on your Course Registration Form. Upon gaining the instructor's approval, write the instructor's name, class hours and number of credits in the appropriate columns on the form. Enrollment in permission courses will be verified by the instructor upon receipt of the class roster.
  3. Email the Course Registration Form to or mail it to the Office of the Registrar by the registration deadline. Freeman College majors and non-Bucknell students do not need enrollment permission from their academic dean. College of Engineering and College of Arts & Sciences students need enrollment permission from their academic dean; the registrar's office will reach out to the academic dean in those cases. Adviser permission is not required for Summer Session courses, although you are encouraged to talk to your adviser regarding summer coursework. The form may sent to or be submitted by mail at the following address:

    Office of the Registrar
    Bucknell University
    1 Dent Drive 
    Lewisburg, PA 17837

Download the Course Registration Form
Search for Summer Session courses

Note: Many departments will arrange independent study whether or not such courses are listed in the Course Catalog. Class hours for all independent study courses will be arranged by the instructor.

Tuition and Fee Payment

Tuition and fees are due by June 15. These charges must be paid by the due date to avoid late fees. 

Only a percentage of tuition will be credited if a student withdraws between the first day of classes and the summer session mid-point. After this date, no credit will be issued. 

Summer Session tuition


In order to be officially registered for courses, all holds (such as student health and finance holds) must be cleared during the first week of classes.

Summer Session


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