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Episode 50: Studying Abroad While In College

September 19, 2022

Imagine you're on an airplane — one of those big ones designed for international flights. You're moments away from jetting off on your biggest adventure to date. Where are you going? More importantly, what are you going there to learn?

For many college students, traveling abroad is an enriching experience — academically, culturally, and personally. It's also a big decision that requires plenty of thought and planning.

In this episode of College Admissions Insider, we're giving you a birds-eye view of studying abroad as we cover the kinds of study abroad programs universities typically offer, when to start working study abroad into your college journey, earning academic credits for international courses and more.

Our guests are two staff members from Bucknell's Office of Global & Off-campus Education: Jen Fritz and Trace Coats. Jen is the associate director of Global Education and advises study abroad programs in the Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics and more. Trace serves as assistant director of technical operations within Global Ed, and his advising areas include the education and geography disciplines.

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Episode 50

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