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An image of a virtual courtyard inside of the Bucknell Virtual Experience

Bucknell Virtual Experience

This is not another virtual campus tour.

Inside the Bucknell Virtual Experience, you'll gain a better understanding of everything that makes Bucknell unique — like our high-tech labs, state-of-the-art performance venues and picture-perfect study spots. And you'll do it by stepping into these spots yourself to take a look around.

A student uses the Bucknell Virtual Experience on their laptop

The Bucknell Virtual Experience can be enjoyed in a web browser or using an Oculus virtual reality headset.

You control the action — looking left, right, up and down to explore one of 10 visual exhibits about Bucknell. Visit a chemistry lab. Head to center court at Sojka Pavilion during a basketball game. Or peek inside Bertrand Library as students study.

As you travel between exhibits, you'll get a feel for the places that make Bucknell and Lewisburg special through artistically rendered details taken from real life. You'll see downtown Lewisburg's three-globe lampposts, the Rooke Science Center dome, the iconic clock tower atop Bertrand Library and more.

Enough talk; let's begin.

Choose one of the buttons below — Orange or Blue — to start your Bucknell Virtual Experience.

Note: Depending on the speed of your connection, the experience may take a few moments to load. But trust us — it's worth it.


Launch in Your Browser

Go inside

Launch on Your Oculus Headset

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Two Ways to Enjoy the Experience

You have two options:

  • Through your browser: The quickest way to jump into the Bucknell Virtual Experience is through your browser. Click between hotspots, and drag your mouse to look around.
  • With an Oculus headset: The most immersive way to enjoy the Bucknell Virtual Experience is using an Oculus headset. You can find it in the App Lab or using the link below.

Tips for Navigating the Bucknell Virtual Experience

  • Use the hamburger (three-line) menu to jump directly to an exhibit
  • Those white dots on the ground are hotspots — clicking them is how you move around in the space
  • Once on a hotspot, be sure to look left, right, up and down to see everything in view