Outside Scholarships

Federal regulations and Bucknell policy stipulate that the total gift aid from any source (grants, scholarships, stipends, educational awards, tuition benefits, VA benefits and any other funding for educational expenses that is not required to be repaid) cannot exceed Bucknell's cost of attendance. Included in our cost of attendance are tuition, a student activity fee, housing, a meal plan and allowances for books, course materials, supplies and equipment. If this cost is reached with total gift aid, Bucknell aid (need-based and/or merit-based) will be reduced dollar for dollar to prevent an award surplus. Based on actual determined financial need, federal/state/other aid may need to be adjusted as well.

Our goal is to maximize gift aid (grants and scholarships) as much as possible while adhering to Bucknell's total gift aid policy as well as federal and state financial aid regulations.


Other Key Points

  • Total gift aid cannot exceed our cost of attendance.
  • Total aid package cannot exceed our cost of attendance.
  • Specific federal need levels may require federal aid adjustments as well.
  • Outside scholarships count as student resources and are part of the financial aid package.
  • If a student is awarded aid from an outside agency in addition to a Bucknell Community College Scholarship, Posse Scholarship or any other grant or scholarship at the level of tuition, please know that we may have to split the Bucknell aid unevenly for fall and spring to prevent an award surplus for a semester or the academic year.
  • Typically, outside aid is split evenly between fall and spring semesters. However, if an outside agency sends their entire annual amount in the fall, we will apply the entire amount in the fall and adjust the spring financial aid package accordingly.
  • Students need to be sure and send the Office of Financial Aid copies of any outside funding letters that they receive. If an outside agency should remit their funds after the semester bill is due, please be advised that late fees will incur as a result.

For any questions, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 570-577-1331 or finaid@bucknell.edu.