Whether you are attending a conference, sporting event or traveling internationally, Bucknell Travel & Expense provides resources to help you prepare for your University approved trip. 

Travel & Expense Policy

To manage your expenses and receive proper reimbursement, please refer to the Travel & Expense Policy and Workday Help blogs.

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Planning Your Trip

Bucknell University uses Workday for travel expense processing. The University has partnered with Anthony Travel as the designated travel management company to assist with the University's travel needs. Anthony Travel has more than 25 years of experience serving university travel needs.

Anthony Travel's on-site agent, Terri Barner, is available to help make arrangements and process payment for approved travel expenses when the expense and the business purpose have a direct connection to the University. If you require assistance or have questions please contact:

Terri Barner, account manager at Bucknell University

570-939-1480 (mobile)

Office location: 310 S 7th Street
Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. 

If you require assistance after business hours or in Terri's absence, please call 570-577-1286 and reference the after-hours VIT code IN2F. An on-call Anthony Travel agent will assist you. 

We've provided resources to help you plan your trip in alignment with Bucknell's Travel Policy.

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Travel Card Program

The Bucknell University Travel Card Program provides an efficient and flexible method to pay for travel expenses and departmental purchases. The Travel Card is a Visa card offered through JPMorgan Chase that is integrated with Workday.

For details, please contact:
Val Cook, university credit card programs administrator

Student Travel

If you are a student traveling for conferences, research or athletic events, Anthony Travel can assist with arrangements and processing payment for approved travel expenses when the expense and the business purpose have a direct connection to the University.

Students may be reimbursed for pre-approved travel expenses when there is a direct connection between the expense and the business purposes of the University. Departments may also reimburse students for educational travel expenses such as attendance at conferences, athletic events or research.

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Business Purpose

In an environment of rising tuition, moderation and discretion should guide decisionsregarding expenses incurred by the University. The Bucknell Travel Policies (BTP) provides policies related to travel and business expenses incurred in the process of advancing the University's mission.The intent of the BTP is to provide policies that areconsistent with IRS and Bucknell requirements while not placing an undue reporting burden on the traveler.

Internal Revenue Service(IRS) regulations requirethat individuals traveling or doing business onbehalf of the University must account for all advances, allowances and reimbursement of expenses.This accountingmust include:

  • Substantiationof expenditures, preferably with itemized receipts indicatingthe vendor, date and expense amount.Bucknell policy prefers but does not require receipts forexpenditures less than $50. Please save all receipts.

  • Documentation of the business purpose of the expenditure(who, what, when, where, why).

  • The return of any unused moniesfrom cash advances.

Any amounts paid to an individual that are not accounted for andsubstantiated in these ways are considered income and thus subject to payrolltax withholding. Compliance with BTP is the responsibility of the individual and the supervisors who authorize travel and approve travel expenses. All travel expense reimbursements are expected to be requested within 14 days from the last day of the trip. Individuals incurring expenses under external funding shall adhere to the BTP except where the grant terms are more restrictive. In instances where the grant terms are more restrictive than BTP, the individual is responsible forcompliance. Please consult the BTP for more details.

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