Bucknell University empowers the education of bright, determined leaders every day. The Investment Office serves an important role within the University by executing critical responsibilities: managing the endowment, investing the University's operating assets and providing investment expertise on campus. Each intentional effort is made in support of Bucknell's strategic initiative and helps to support the goals of The Plan for Bucknell 2025.

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The Bucknell Endowment

Each year, the generosity of the greater Bucknell community echoes the commitment its founders made in 1846. The result creates a lasting impact on students of today and tomorrow.‚Äč

Bucknell's endowment is a permanent, self-sustaining income source that aggregates invested assets with a focus on stability, smart strategy and long-term return. Donors who make endowment gifts create both an immediate and ongoing impact in an area they are most passionate about. As new funds are developed each year, the University is able to target specific initiatives to improve access, academics and the whole student experience.

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Sustainable Futures

The success of our institution stems from the generosity of donors who have been inspired by our commitment to our students and have taken action to continue the tradition of excellence here at Bucknell.


Endowment by the Numbers

Market Value (as of June 30, 2023)

$ 1,088,000,000

Fiscal Year 2023 New Endowments


Separate Donor-endowed Funds


Average Annual Support to University Operations

$ 43,422,000

Categorization of Endowments

as of June 30, 2023

Pie chart showing the categorization of endowments

Gifts That Grow

Individual endowments support all aspects of the University's mission and are a critical component in providing students with the best Bucknell experience possible.

Our goal is to preserve the purchasing power of the endowment's assets over time while simultaneously providing annual support to the University's operating budget. That means we're always cognizant of intergenerational equity, ensuring the same level of endowment support to current and future generations of Bucknell constituents into perpetuity, adjusted for inflation.

Hypothetical Growth & Cumulative Support of $1 Million Gift

as of Dec. 31, 2023

Graph showing endowment growth over time

We've chosen 1990 as the starting point for this analysis based on the availability of detailed endowment market value and spending per unit within the pooled endowment.

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