Bucknell believes its educational aims and purposes must be upheld and promoted by the personal integrity and responsibility of each individual member of the University and its student organizations. We value a constituency composed of individuals with varied interests and diversity of opinions. We recognize that our members must be bound together by respect for the individual and collective rights of others. University policies, rules and regulations make up our code of conduct — a necessary tool to promote order and unity within our diverse community.

The Office of Student Conduct has the responsibility of implementing University policies that apply to currently enrolled students and student organizations recognized by the University.  Students of Bucknell are expected to uphold these policies that support our community standards.

Know the Code

Bucknell University has certain expectations of the student members of its community. We expect that students will:

  • Act in a manner that reflects personal and intellectual honesty.
  • Act in a manner that reflects maturity, social responsibility, and respect toward the person and property of others.
  • Act in a manner that reflects respect for their own health and well-being.
  • Act in a manner that reflects respect toward the policies, procedures and laws that are in place to maintain and support community standards at the University and beyond.

Changes to the Code

Bucknell has made changes to its Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct. Please become familiar with these changes so that you can be sure to comply with them and use them as a guide as you become the best version of yourself at Bucknell.

All incoming students must agree to follow University policies and codes by signing the Statement of Community Responsibility. The complete Student Handbook is available online where you may view the Student Code of Conduct or download a PDF to print. The Student Affairs also has print copies available in their office.


As we work to keep the campus community safe, students are required to adhere to the Community Responsibility Agreement and the Student Code of Conduct. To report a concern or violation, please complete this form.

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