At Bucknell University, the safety and convenience of our students is a priority, which is why we provide reliable transportation services. Our Downtown shuttle system operates around campus and extends to Lewisburg, ensuring students can travel conveniently. During University breaks, we offer shuttle services to regional transportation hubs such as airports and train stations. On–campus parking is available to sophomore, junior, and senior students. Additionally, we also offer medical transportation services to cater to the healthcare needs of our students.

Downtown Shuttle

No car? No problem! Hop on Bucknell University's Student Shuttle for an easy ride between campus and downtown Lewisburg. Buses run every day of the week. Click the Downtown Shuttle Schedule link below for more details!

Downtown shuttle schedule

Shuttles for University Breaks

During University breaks, including the start and end of semesters, Bucknell University offers transportation services to airports and train stations. Additionally, we provide bus options extending to the Greater New England and greater New York area. Details about serviced locations can be found at the link below.

Shuttles for Breaks

Personal Vehicles on Campus

Students who drive vehicles on campus are responsible for proper registration, use and operation of their vehicles in accordance with the traffic and parking regulations set forth by Bucknell University and Pennsylvania state law. Bucknell Public Safety can issue both a virtual citation, which goes directly to a student’s email address, or a traditional paper citation.

Please Note: First Year students are not eligible to park on campus

Parking permit information

Campus parking map

Student Medical Transportation Services

Medical transportation is available to take students to non-emergency medical appointments located within 30 miles of campus. Students must be approved by Bucknell Student Health to use these services.

  • Medical Transport Service: Medical Transportation options are available to take students to non-emergency medical appointments located within 30 miles of campus. Students must be approved by Bucknell Student Health to use these services
    • The University has made arrangements with SV Taxi Services to transport students by appointment to medical centers within 30 miles of campus, including Evangelical Community Hospital, Geisinger Medical Center and UPMC Williamsport. Transportation is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. In the event you need a ride to a medical appointment within this area, please contact Bucknell Student Health at 570-577-1401 for approval, then fill out the request form at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.
      Medical Transport Service request form
  • MedCar: The MedCar is a self-service vehicle that can be reserved by students to drive to medical appointments within 30 miles of campus. To be eligible to use the MedCar, students need the approval of Bucknell Student Health and must be an approved student driver. Please begin by contacting Bucknell Student Health at 570-577-1401 for approval, then complete the MedCar request form request form below at least 48 hours before your appointment. Approved requests will receive a confirmation with instructions for picking up keys from Public Safety.
    MedCar request form

Additional Transportation Options

  • Rabbit Transit: In addition to the transportation services provided by Bucknell University, there are several affordable and dependable transportation options available within the surrounding community for students. The following services are available in the region for transportation. The list is for your reference and convenience and does not constitute an endorsement, nor do we know the specifics of their services. We encourage you to research your options to find something that works best for your schedule and budget before making a reservation.
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