Support Scholarships & Financial Aid

Bucknell's commitment to financial aid stems from our quest to find the most talented students from across the country and around the world.  

More than half of Bucknell students receive some form of financial aid from the University. Bucknell scholarships, most of which are based on need, open our doors to gifted students from all backgrounds. 

Donations of any amount to our general scholarship fund help students unlock their potential.

Gift Giving

Support Bucknell's scholarship fund

Named Annual Scholarships

Create a named annual scholarship by pledging annual gifts of $5,000 or more for a four-year period.

A named annual scholarship offers a meaningful way to honor a loved one or favorite professor.

Donors supporting named scholarships get the opportunity to meet the recipient at the University's annual Scholarship Day Celebration.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships last forever and will benefit students as long as the University stands.

That's more important now than ever, because Bucknell faces intense competition from other institutions to recruit and enroll the most promising students from all backgrounds.

It's not enough to make Bucknell their top choice; we must make Bucknell a viable choice.

With donor support through endowed scholarships, we can do just that.

Scholarship Day

Each year, the University holds a Scholarship Day Celebration with events to thank donors of endowed and named annual scholarships. The luncheon is attended by hundreds of students, alumni, parents and friends of the University.

At Scholarship Day 2019, Bill Krokowski ’84 and Dan Ertel ’84 reconnected with the civil engineering professor who inspired the scholarship they named in his honor: the Jai Kim Engineering Scholarship. They also met Jacob Kennedy ’22, a mechanical engineering and management for engineers major, and the latest recipient of the scholarship.

From left, Jai Kim, Yung Kim, Bill Krokowski ’84, Christina Ertel P'10 and Dan Ertel ’84, P’10

From left, Jai Kim, Yung Kim, Bill Krokowski '84, Christina Ertel P'10 and Dan Ertel '84, P'10

“My scholarship gives me peace of mind about paying for my education, and it also frees up time to focus on my future,” says Jacob. “Since I don't have to work during the school year, I can put that time into finding an internship for the summer. It means a lot to a student.”

Scholarship Day introduces the alumni and donors who support Bucknell’s 775 annual and endowed scholarships with the more than 1,000 student recipients of those awards. This year’s luncheon was attended by more than 350 students, alumni, parents and friends of the University.

The Malesardi Match

In 1973, Robert Malesardi '45 asked fellow Bucknellians to support their alma mater in an essay he wrote for the University magazine.

"By giving to Bucknell, you provide the children of today the same opportunities we had to receive a superior education," he wrote.

More than four decades later, Malesardi and his wife, Doris, pledged an unprecedented $20 million to endow need-based scholarships that will help future generations of students attend Bucknell. To increase the impact of their support, the Malesardi commitment was structured as a matching-gift program to encourage other donors to pledge $100,000 or more to endowed scholarship.

Endowed scholarships provide a permanent source of funding that increases access for talented, deserving students. They make Bucknell a viable choice for those with financial need, allowing us to compete with elite institutions to recruit and enroll top students of all backgrounds.

New and existing need-based endowed scholarships that qualified for the Malesardi Match will be matched $1 for every $2 contributed or pledged. For instance, a $100,000 gift will receive an additional $50,000 when matching funds become available.

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