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Episode 67: Community Engagement in College

May 29, 2023

Maybe you've spent years volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, helped establish a community garden in a food desert or raised a significant amount of money for a medical organization close to your heart. These kinds of passions can follow you to college, where you can continue to get involved and even receive funding to do it.

In this episode of College Admissions Insider, we are talking about how you can translate your passion for service into amazing college experiences. We'll cover the different types of engagement opportunities you might find at college, how to best present your past service activities on your application and how you can even receive scholarships to continue your engagement work as a college student.

Our guests are two Bucknell staff members: Lynn Pierson, director of Bucknell's Office of Civic Engagement; and assistant director of admissions Carrine Phillips.

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Episode 67

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