Bucknell Community Engagement Scholars Program

The Community Engagement Scholars Program awards $20,000 annually to students who have distinguished themselves as public-service leaders in their home communities and who show promise that they'll contribute to the University's strong culture of service toward others.

Financial need is not a requirement.

Recipients will receive notifications along with their admissions decisions.

The award is automatically renewed for second, third and fourth years as long as recipients maintain satisfactory academic progress and meet requirements of the program.

In addition to the scholarship, the program immerses fellows in hands-on civic engagement projects both on and off campus, under the mentorship of Civic Engagement staff.

Community Engagement Scholars will have the opportunity to supplement their chosen academic path by supporting local community-identified priorities including food and housing security, mental health, community development, education and transportation.


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To ensure that each Community Engagement Scholar benefits from a deep and meaningful experience, they will:

  • Take part in and administer training related to community and civic engagement, inclusivity and leadership development.
  • Serve as ambassadors for the Office of Civic Engagement and as leaders who work to strengthen the connection between Bucknell and surrounding communities.
  • Dedicate approximately six hours per week to the program during each semester on campus.
  • Meet regularly with Office of Civic Engagement staff.
  • Establish and fulfill mutually agreed-upon responsibilities with community partner organizations.
Paul Danenberg '23

People in these centers can be overlooked because of assumptions others make. It’s great to use the tools I’ve gained from my previous service and tutoring experience to empower them in building their futures.

Community Engagement Scholar Paul Danenberg '23, finance, helped residents of a secure treatment unit prepare for their GED exams

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