Bucknell Community College Scholars Program

The Bucknell Community College Scholars program is for high-achieving, low- to moderate-income* community college students who want to take their education beyond an associate's degree.

Students may apply for admission and financial aid to Bucknell after successfully completing a six-week summer program, where selected students live on campus to experience academic and campus life at Bucknell.

After the summer program, each Community College Scholar who decides to apply for admission as a transfer student to Bucknell receives mentoring and support throughout the process. Those who are granted admission and enroll will receive individual plans tailored to meet their academic needs, assistance with credit transfers, mentorship and scholarships for tuition only. They may also apply for other financial aid.

Apply for transfer student financial aid

*Low- to moderate-income financial status is defined as Adjusted Gross Income below $60,000 for families, $45,000 for married couples or below $30,000 for independent students.

Note: Acceptance to the Bucknell Community College Scholars Program does not guarantee admission to Bucknell University.

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Become a Bucknell Community College Scholar

How to Become a Community College Scholar

For more information about the Bucknell College Community Scholars Program, contact Caro Mercado, associate dean of admissions and director of partnerships, at 570-577-1681 or cm054@bucknell.edu, or Holly Gauger, administrative assistant, at 570-577-1366 or holly.gauger@bucknell.edu.

For information about financial aid, contact Erin Wolfe, associate director of financial aid, at 570-577-1331 or finaid@bucknell.edu.