A Historic Commitment to Bucknell

Dear Bucknellians,

With joy and gratitude, it is my privilege to announce that Bucknell has received an extraordinarily generous pledge of support — one that will change the lives of generations of students to come. Michael Pascucci ’58, P’81, P’87, G’21, G’22 has pledged more than $40 million to Bucknell, the largest one-time commitment in University history.

As a bequest, $30 million will support unrestricted, need-based financial aid endowment through the Pascucci Family Scholarship, providing a transformative boost for the University’s No. 1 fundraising priority. Over $10 million more will fund immediate improvements in and around Christy Mathewson–Memorial Stadium. In recognition of Michael’s historic commitment to both financial aid and athletics, the area of campus including the stadium and the Christy Mathewson Gates will be named the Pascucci Family Athletics Complex.

Michael’s generosity will have a permanent impact on our University’s most imperative calling: ensuring that the power and opportunity of a Bucknell education is accessible. Many future generations of Bucknellians to come will owe a deep gratitude and appreciation for the generosity of Michael, his family and the Pascucci Family Foundation. On their behalf, we extend a heartfelt thank-you.

The first of his immediate family to attend college, Michael majored in finance at Bucknell and went on to enjoy great success in the world of business. Now he is giving back to his alma mater so that others, too, will be able to attend Bucknell and experience the benefits of an outstanding education and tight-knit community. I hope you are as inspired as I am by his thoughtful support, and I invite you to learn more in this story.

This remarkably generous commitment is a wonderful way to head into the new academic year. It reminds us anew that we are each part of a long tradition of shared dedication to Bucknell, and that these ties truly give each of us the potential to change the world for the better.

My best,