Sean Mason


sean mason

Thursday, Nov. 7, 7:30 p.m.
Weis Center Concert Hall

When Sean Mason speaks about music, the notes fall into place. The cadence of his ideas unfolds with deliberate tempo, each exploring and resolving tension like an inspired chord progression. On his debut album, The Southern Suite, he emerged as a guiding luminary, shining his introspective command as both a pianist and composer through the historic lens of jazz to create a work that distilled the essence of the genre, even as it pointed the way forward.

Born and raised in Charlotte, N.C., Mason took to the piano at the late age of 13, teaching himself by ear to play the styles of music he was most attracted to. His approach quickly evolved into a highly original language. Mason’s unique voice in jazz is steeped in the sounds of the South, allowing an extended time for groove, while also displaying a vocabulary far beyond his years. He leads the Sean Mason Quartet, a band assembled to play his original music, which has been described as highly melodic and infectious.

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Youth 18 and under: $15
Bucknell employees and retirees (limit two tickets): $15
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