New Student Orientation

During New Student Orientation, the entire Bucknell community is ready to welcome you. The program is centered on scholarship, community and the rich traditions you'll find at Bucknell.

You'll bond with classmates through a variety of events while becoming familiar with Bucknell and the resources available to you. Your faculty will introduce you to the collegiate classroom, providing information about your fall course schedule and all the academic opportunities Bucknell has to offer.

New Student Orientation for Fall 2021 will be held Wednesday, Aug. 18–Sunday, Aug. 22.

A full schedule of exciting and informative activities awaits, where you'll explore campus, meet new friends and settle into the place you'll call home for the next four years — and the rest of your lifetime.

To start your Bucknell journey even earlier, check out our Pre-Orientation opportunities!

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International Student Orientation

International Student Orientation will be held from Aug. 12 to 17.

International Student Orientation

Pre-Orientation Programs

Pre-Orientation, or Pre-O, programs begin in the days prior to move-in on Aug. 13.

Pre-O is designed to help acclimate students and introduce them to fellow classmates, older students and University administrators before the semester begins.

Pre-Orientation programs

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